Seed Airdrop for Everseed Ranger Holders

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As part of an event called Harvest Celebration, Everseed began to airdrop Seed NFTs into the wallets of those holding an Everseed Ranger. Players can water their Seeds daily via Discord commands and grow… something? This airdrop began on August 26th and still has more Seeds to distribute.

As part of a surprise event, Everseed began an airdrop of Seed NFTs to all wallets holding Ranger NFTs. The first pass already went out to those with level one Rangers. Another pass will be sent to the other Rangers sometime soon. These mysterious Seeds can be watered via the official Everseed Discord server.

Growing your Seed involves some Discord interaction. In the #gardening channel, you can use the /water command daily. In addition, Players may recruit Helpers, who can also water the Seed daily. Only players who don’t own Seeds can be Helpers. You can try to find a Helper on Discord in the #recruit-helper channel. Helpers earn a little Favor whenever they water. Helpers may also receive a special airdrop in the future! So make sure to link your wallet to the Everseed site and to their Discord server.

These Seeds cannot be traded. And though we don’t know yet what will grow from them, the team is highly encouraging everyone to water daily!

Everseed tower defense game
Everseed tower defense demo

Building Along the Way

Ranger Outpost under construction

Everseed is taking a route we’ve seen from a number of blockchain games recently. Knowing that their ultimate game, a large-scale MMO, is still years away, the Everseed team is building mini-games and holding special events along the way.

The first is a pseudo-staking program, encouraging players to hold their Ranger NFTs. Ranger holders gain Favor for building Outposts. This is done automatically when you link your wallet on the website and verify yourself on Discord. Rangers take several days to travel to the build site. But once there, they begin constructing an outpost and generating Favor points. The longer you hold your Ranger NFT, the faster it generates Favor. Favor production speed maxes out after 21 days.

What is Favor good for? Not much yet. But the Everseed team promises that players will be able to spend their Favor for more content in the future.

In addition, Everseed is building a tower defense game, for which they have already held a couple of demos. Ranger holders could play this game, and use experience earned in-game to level up their Ranger NFT. Now we have something new going on with these Seeds, and potentially more Discord events to come?

Many gaming communities offer Discord games and interactions. But not many of them tie into and build towards the game in development. I like the way that Everseed is interlocking their games and giving them purpose.I think this will start to be a more common theme seen in blockchain gaming.

What is Everseed?

Everseed is an MMORPG game in development on the Solana blockchain. While building their primary game, they also have various Discord interactions and a tower defense style mini-game along the way that lets players gain Favor and level up their Rangers.

Players own Ranger and Companion NFTs, which can be leveled up after successful adventures. When not adventuring, players spend time in a social town hub. Here players can chat with each other, customize their adventure gear, craft, grow crops, form guilds, and all that sort of good stuff. The game will offer seasonal content as well as permanent progression paths. Everseed will be free to play and the team considers free-to-play players a core part of the game.

There is not a lot of documentation about the game yet. The website is pretty bare-bones, and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of whitepaper or litepaper. You can read a few blog posts from the Everseed team on Substack. The open beta for Everseed is expected in mid-2023.

Everseed Rangers are available for purchase from the Magic Eden marketplace.

Everseed social hub
Everseed Social Hub
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