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Hytopia Node Key Sale for Hychain

Hytopia node sale banner

Slowly rising from the dead, Hytopia prepares to finally re-launch, bringing their new ‘Hychain’ and surrounding ecosystem to the web3 gaming scene. But, first, we have an upcoming sale for Node License Keys which let owners run a software node for the Hytopia chain, earning TOPIA tokens as rewards!

The Hytopia Node Sale begins on March 2nd 2pm PST, with the first day reserved for those with ‘whitelist points’. After that, the public sale opens on March 3rd at 2pm PST. Wallets receive whitelist points by holding Hytopia Worlds and Avatars, or Gray Boy NFTs. Users can also earn whitelist points by playing Hyroller, a social engagement ‘game’ run through Zealy.

The whitelist sale runs in four phases, each one lasting six hours. People can purchase Nodes during these phases based on the number of whitelist points they have, with the whitelist points cost per node decreasing with each phase. Phase 1 will cost 30 whitelist points per Node Key, while phase 2 will only cost 15 points per Node.

The actual monetary cost for Nodes works on a tier system, and is independent of the the sale phases. Tier one consists of 3,183 Node licenses, priced at 0.1 ETH each. Each tier after that has an increasing price and a decreasing number of Licenses for sale. You can read more details on the sale and how the whitelist works on the official docs.

So, it could be that the Node cost remains in Tier 1 through the public sale, or all of the available Nodes in Tier 1 could sell out in phase 1. Or anywhere in-between!

Node Keys will be tied to Guardian Nodes, the software used to support and run the Hytopia network.

What are Guardian Nodes?

Guardian Nodes are the backbone of the distributed server system for the Hychain, Hytopia’s own gaming blockchain. Following in the footsteps of Axie, Immutable, Gala Games, and others, Hytopia has built their own chain to alleviate gas fees and make player onboarding as seamless and simple as possible.

Up to 50,000 Guardian Nodes will power the Hychain. But each Guardian Node needs at least one Node License Key paired with it to earn rewards. Guardian nodes will run on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

The Hytopia team has allotted 250 million Hytopia tokens for Guardian nodes with a three year distribution plan. In addition, Guardian Nodes receive 25% of the transaction fees as the network as rewards. Rewards will be distributed monthly, with each Guardian Node receiving a proportional share based on their uptime during the month, and the number of Node License Keys paired with the Node.

You can read more about Guardian Nodes and other Hychain info in the official docs.

preview image of the Hychain block explorer
preview image of the Hychain block explorer

What is Hytopia?

Hytopia began as a collection of 10,000 customizable, virtual worlds. But they have expanded to include their very own chain (Hychain) and token (TOPIA). Originally built on Minecraft as NFT Worlds, Hytopia rebuilt everything from the ground up. And though the game takes heavy inspiration from Minecraft, the Hytopia team has incorporated web3 elements into their gaming system, and built tools to help world builders realize their own visions.

And though it’s not required, World owners can easily incorporate the TOPIA token, add play and earn elements, and even gate access based on NFT ownership. With a homemade launcher and a built-in, NT marketplace, Hytopia is prepared to hit the ground running!

Mainnet launch for Hytopia is expected sometime in 2024.

To learn more about Hytopa, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

explore Hytopia with a familiar, Minecraft-like interface
explore Hytopia with a familiar, Minecraft-like interface
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