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Last Expedition Bone Snapper Operator Node Sale

Last Expedition Operator Node banner

Last Expedition brings us another Operator Node bundle sale. This particular bundle includes a new NFT, the Ancient Primal Bone Snapper. Node Operators can add to this creature their games to provide a little extra challenge for their players!

The sale starts on December 20th, 3pm PT, and lasts for 24 hours only. So there is only a small window of buying opportunity. The prices for each node is $2000 (reduced from the original $5,000), payable in GALA or ETH, or with a credit card. There will be a total of 2500 of these specific nodes minted, with 2200 available during the sale. An additional 50 of them will be dropped to random, active, Gala Games Founder’s Node operators. It’s unclear what will happen with the remaining 250. Perhaps they will be used for future contests and giveaways.

This is actually a bundled sale. In addition to the Node license, purchasers also receive 24 Early Access Tokens to share, and an exclusive Ancient Primal Cone Snapper NFT. Node Operators can add the Ancient Primal Bone Snapper NFT to their server, spawning these alien, rhinoceros-like creatures as a special challenge for players. Watch out for their charge attack!

Advantages of Operating a Last Expedition Node

Last Expedition doesn’t promise any sort of monetary payout for running a server. Rather, they advertise it as a chance to create and host a custom game for your friends and others to enjoy. However, they do offer what they call a Last Expedition Subscription. This is automatically granted to everyone who purchases a Last Expedition node. In it, they promise that all future node sales will include an NFT drop to every previous node purchaser.

And here we have the first example! Last Expedition plans to airdrop a copy of this new, Ancient Primal Bone Snapper NFT, to all current holders of their nodes.

As an additional bonus, Last Expedition also plans to have node servers operational as part of the early access testing, allowing players to host custom test servers for them and their friends during the alpha!

What is Last Expedition?

Last Expedition is a new AAA FPS blockchain game where players have to retrieve valuable alien artifacts on the hostile planet Aura. Players must use unique skills and strategies to find resources and win rewards in the game. In addition, players can own characters, weapons, and other items. The game features detailed characters with realistic looks and movements. Last Expedition also includes varied, 3D terrain, allowing players to take the high ground or hide behind covering terrain.

Built in Unreal Engine 5, the game features team-based PvP. Four teams of four fight over three fragments which provide access to alien tech known as CORE. The team who brings the most CORE back to their base wins. Players not only have to battle the other teams, but they must also be wary of hostile creatures on the map, some of which can be added via NFTs by the server operator!

The game is developed by studio Certain Affinity, led by Halo 2 veteran Max Hoberman.

Last Expedition early access token
Last Expedition early access token
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