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Guild of Guardians Announces eSport Partnerships

Guild of Guardians eSports Partnerships

Guild of Guardians, a multiplayer action RPG blockchain game developed by Stepico Games, has announced a multi-year partnership by teaming up with eight prominent eSports organizations. The game published by Immutable Games Studio aims to reach the eSports communities across the world through these partnerships. The partnership will increase the eSports base of Guild and Guardians and allow fans to support their favorite teams via digital assets.

About the Partnerships

The Guild of Guardians team has announced that they have partnered with leading and prominent web3 eSports organizations, which include Cloud9, Fnatic, NAVI, Ninjas in Pyjamas, NRG, SK Gaming, T1 Entertainment & Sports, and Team Liquid. The 8 companies will represent their brands through playable in-game characters that can be traded as digital assets on Immutable X platform.  

Out of the eight companies, five partner organizations are among the top 10 most valuable eSports teams, according to Forbes magazine. The overall valuation of the eight organizations combined is nearly $2 billion. Having a vast fan network and a massive following on social media platforms, these organizations will be able to create a broad player base for Guild of Guardians. This is one of the most extensive partnerships in the history of Web3 gaming.

Fans can create and trade their digital assets and compete against opponent players using the assets to earn rewards. In addition, eSports enthusiasts can support their teams and players by representing them via in-game characters and digital assets. The eSports branded NFTs will also grant users access to special events, rewards, leaderboard competitions, collaborations between teams and influencers, early access to limited edition characters, and much more. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with Guild of Guardians in what we believe to be a hugely symbiotic relationship for both our industries – gaming and eSports. We firmly believe that eSport brand integration into games is the future, enabling closer interactions between fans and teams. We’re excited by the notion of digital ownership and the ability to earn and trade in-game characters.”

Pietro Fringuelli, Chairman of the Executive Board, The World Esports Association (WESA) 

Following the partnerships, each partner organization will announce press releases, join Twitter Spaces, activate collaborative IP and game designs with their creative teams, and create content to promote Guild of Guardians across their channels.

eSports System in Guild of Guardians

Phase 1 of the eSports integration in Guild of Guardians is the IP Integration. After that, in phase 2, a democratized eSports system will be introduced in which anyone can participate, and there will be a global leaderboard system. Players can compete in tournaments and earn rewards. Players can also join factions; each faction will belong to a partner organization. All factions will compete with each other and win or lose at the end of a tournament.

Guild of Guardians

What is Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a multiplayer fantasy game in which players can build a team of “Guardians” and compete to earn prizes and tradeable rewards. The game is being developed by Stepico Games and will be published by Immutable. A total of 230k+ players are already on the waitlist for the game. 

In the game, players have to select guardians and join guild competitions. It will run on the high-speed Immutable X Ethereum layer-2 network and be free to play. The native token of Guild of Guardians is GOG and is used to pay for in-game assets. It is also a governance token and allows holders to participate in governance activities.

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