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BoomBit Announces BoomLand, a New Hyper-Casual Web3 Gaming Platform


The fastest-growing hyper-casual developer BoomBit has announced the launch of BoomLand, a new polygon-based web3 gaming platform built on Polygon’s Supernet Technology. The BoomLand project was launched in collaboration with Polygon Studios. BoomLand’s parent company BoomBit is one of the fastest-growing mobile gaming studios with 33 million monthly active users and more than one billion downloads to date.

How BoomLand aim to onboard Web2 gamers and developers alike?

BoomLand aims to be a Web3 blockchain gaming platform that will focus on publishing good quality games with a familiar web2 experience and user interface so that it will be easier to onboard web2 players on its platform. At present most web3 games require a complex onboarding process that involves wallets, gas fees, tokens, and crypto exchanges. BoomLand will create an easier onboarding process for gamers so that it will be more effortless for web2 players to create an account and start playing and earning inside the game. 

On the other hand, game developers face a huge problem in developing blockchain games therefore BoomLand has come up with its own set of tools and techniques that developers can use to build blockchain games without getting into complex blockchain programming languages.

BoomLand Platform

What is Hunter On-Chain game?

Hunter On-Chain is the first play-to-earn blockchain game that is going to release on the BoomLand Platform. It is a battle royale NFT-based game where players will compete against each other as hunters. Each hunter is an NFT that players can buy from the marketplace to summon them. The Hunters will be stored in the player’s wallet and during the game, players can select a hunter for the match. 

There are many game modes like Co-Op, Bounty Hunter, Duel, Boss Hunt, Dungeons, and Hunt along with mini-games such as Tower Defense, Survival mode, and races. Players can join Duel matches to play PvP battles in a 2-3 player face-off. On winning the game, players will receive $BGEM and $BOOM tokens. The $BOOM tokens can be used for summoning new hunters.

Partnership with Polygon Studios

Polygon Studios, a company that helps developers build blockchain apps on Polygon by providing them development, onboarding support, investment, and technology has partnered with BoomLand for the deployment of its ecosystem via Polygon’s Supernet infrastructure. The supernet infrastructure will help in removing gas fees, reduce latency and provide a fast blockchain ecosystem. The supernet will have highly customizable subchains that will allow developers to deploy apps without having to build their infrastructure.

“BoomLand will be critical in introducing new, non-blockchain native users to Web3 gaming. We’re incredibly excited to bring them into the budding Supernet ecosystem and eager to see what they can create.”

Steven Bryson-Haynes, VP of Business Development, NFT & Gaming at Polygon Studios
BoomLand Marketplace

What is BoomLand?

BoomLand is a dedicated Web3 gaming platform, metaverse, and play-to-earn ecosystem that is built on Polygon’s Supernet technology. Developed by mobile gaming studio BoomBit, Boomland is focused on making fun and engaging games with a simpler onboarding process to promote its platform for web2 gamers. The BoomLand platform will also empower web2 developers with tools to help them publish games in the web3 domain. 

BoomLand’s developer BoomBit is one of the fastest-growing developers and publishers with more than 60 million downloads in 2022 and more than 1 billion downloads overall. In BoomLand, players will be rewarded for playing games and can also trade or invest their earnings in any other game in the BoomLand Metaverse. The BoomLand ecosystem is built on an EVM-compatible blockchain which makes it easier for Ethereum developers to migrate smart contracts to other chains.

BoomLand Roadmap 2022
BoomLand Roadmap – Q1 2022 to Q1 2023 (Official Website – Source)

BoomLand has a dual token mechanism, $BOOM, and $BGEM. The official governance token of the BoomLand is the $BOOM token which is an ERC-20 compatible and interoperable between most wallets such as Metamask. There is a limited supply of 5 billion $BOOM tokens. 

The $BOOM token will allow users to get early access, increased drop rates, arena level access, unlock new features, mint new NFTs, and voting power in important governance decisions. 

$BGEM is the main currency of BoomLand that players will receive on playing games. The token can be used for buying in-game items. $BGEM has an unlimited supply and the cost of a single $BGEM token is 0.004 $USD.

As per the official whitepaper, BoomLand will receive many features and updates in the future such as Lands, Land expansion, Archery Club, Multi Studio Integration, BoomLand GAO, Hunters On-Chain V2, Mighty Heroes game, and much more.

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