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Craft to Stake in My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 4

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My Neighbor Alice, alpha season 4 is in full swing, and there is still time to join in on the community quest and create items to stake and earn ALICE tokens! My Neighbor Alice is free to play. Anyone can create an account and start crafting today!

Season 4 of the alpha actually began back in December of 2023 and brought with it numerous additions and updates to the game. This includes improved terrain graphics and the ability for players to interact with the game world through activities such as mining, harvesting wood, and gathering fiber. The user interface received an overhaul as well.

There are also increased options for character customization, giving the players a chance to differentiate themselves. And speaking of making their own unique mark, players also now have access to advanced landscaping tools, allowing them to easily add vegetation and change land elevations. Additionally, Animal NFTs make an appearance in-game, where they function as crafting stations.

And though the time to participate in the community quest will come to an end soon, My Neighbor Alice plans to keep the game up and running. They say that there may still be periodic game resets, but any NFTs crafted will always remain owned by the players.

My Neighbor Alice features a somewhat unique twist on crafting. When crafting an NFT item, a portion of the ALICE token spent goes into the item as collateral. Players can then use their items in-game or stake them to accrue passive rewards in ALICE tokens. At any time an item can be burned to return the collateral to the owning player. This ensures that every NFT item always has a base value.

stake NFTs and earn ALICE tokens
stake NFTs and earn ALICE tokens

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain-based building and farming game. Players can own and buy virtual islands and meet friends while building and collecting items. The game is sort of a multiplayer, Stardew Valley. Players grow crops, fish, craft, decorate, and trade. But My Neighbor Alice has quite a bit of complexity to it. For example, each body of water has a different selection of fish in it — with different fish preferring different types of bait!

My Neighbor Alice includes a companion mobile app called Alice’s Wardrobe. Players can decorate their avatar in this app and then save their appearance to the blockchain for use in the main game. They also have their own marketplace, with item transactions using the game’s ALICE token.

My Neighbor Alice is currently in alpha testing.

To learn more about My Neighbor Alice, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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