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My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 2 and Design Philosophy

My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 2

My Neighbor Alice announced that the Alpha Season 2 of the game will launch on December 14, 2022. The Alpha season 1: Season of Timber Coast, released in July this year, introduced a launcher for the game, a wallet, and updated graphics. In Season 2, there are exciting activities and features for the players, such as growing plants, exchanging resources, and a whole new resource ecosystem.

Under the new farming system in season 2, farmers need not wait for the fruit plants to bear fruits or root vegetables to grow through the soil. Instead, players can plant crops on the same land and merge them into bigger plants. Growing crops makes the soil fertile and allows players to grow crops on the same land easily. Also, players have been able to use only 40% of the resources designed by the developers so far. In season 2, you can exchange fish caught with seeds, which can then be sown to grow plants and eventually yield materials.

Players must own a land to join Alpha Season 2 for My Neighbor Alice. The next season should be open to the public.

My Neighbor Alice Season 2

Design Philosophy of the game

The game designers have shared some stories behind the game plot. The story involves a boy named Robin who lives near a fishing village on the Southern coast of Sweden. He loves fishing with his father, which is why fishing was an enjoyable activity in Season 1. The plot also refers to a Swedish tradition in which children steal apples from the farm and feed them to forest mooses. These small incidents inspire the game plot.

Recent Partnership with ELLE

My Neighbor Alice has partnered with ELLE, a major global lifestyle brand, to promote the brand on the web3 space. Through this partnership, players can directly interact with the ELLE brand through virtual experiences in My Neighbor Alice. Additionally, players can participate in ELLE-branded experiences and quests in the future.

My Neighbor Alice x ELLE

What is My Neighbor Alice ?

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain-based building/ farming game. Players can own and buy virtual islands and meet friends while building and collecting items. It combines two worlds – one where players can experience the gameplay and the other with an ecosystem for players who want to trade and buy NFTs. 

The farming-themed play-to-earn game runs on the Chromia blockchain. It was founded by Antler Interactive, a Swedish interactive mobile game studio previously known as SVRVIVE Studios. The game was launched on Steam in January 2021.

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