Phantom Galaxies Launches into Early Access

Phantom Galaxies early access banner

Phantom Galaxies officially launches into the early access phase of their space-based, action, MMO game! This launch not only offers new features such as a battle pass system, but it also brings Phantom Galaxies to the regular gaming world with a web2 version available exclusively through Steam!

The Phantom Galaxies early access has arrived! And it’s completely free to play! You don’t even need to deal with any blockchain or web3 features if you don’t want to, as the Phantom Galaxies team has also launched a web2 version of their game on Steam!

Phantom Galaxies is available for download through the website, or through the Epic Games launcher and on Steam. However, it should be noted that the Steam version has no web3 integration. So if you’re into crypto, blockchain, and/or NFTs, you’ll want the web3 version.

Early Access also brings a type of battle pass to Phantom Galaxies known as the Ranger Activity Burnup Chart. This is a monthly progression system that tracks player engagement and hands out Activity Points. Reaching new levels on the Chart earns new rewards. There will actually be three different reward tracks available. The Standard Track is available to everyone and includes rewards such as Ores, Credits, and U-Cubes. Then there is the Advanced Track for Steam players. This includes more in-game rewards, but costs 60 Starlings to join. Starlings will be the in-game equivalent of ASTRAFER tokens for those playing the web2 version of the game.

Then there is the web3-enabled Elite Track. Getting on this track costs 100,000 Credits. There will be an option in the future to pay in ASTRAFER tokens, but for now, players can convert ASTRAFER to Credits at the rate of 1 Credit per $0.0001 worth of ASTRAFER. The Elite Track will include ASTRAFER tokens as well as additional in-game rewards.

U-Cubes are a new resource used for upgrading weapons, shields, and other gear.

Phantom Galaxies battle pass system
earn rewards by playing

In addition, Phantom Galaxies now offers players the option of joining a public or private space when warping to new locations. So if players just want to focus on their missions without any distractions, they can choose a private space, or if they want to be more social, then they can choose a public location.

Players will now be able to see their owned NFTs in-game, as well as their status. NFTs will need to be ‘bound’ to be used in-game, making them unable to be sold or transferred. But, players will be able to use their generative Pilots and Starfighters in-game, showing off their unique looks to their fellow players!

And of course, this is all just the start. Phantom Galaxies has many game improvement plans in the works as well as the addition of new co-op challenges, more multiplayer options, item minting, mech customization, a fusion system, additional gear, and more!

Phantom Galaxies is completely free to play. Head over to the website to download the game or get your access code to install it through the Epic Games launcher!

What is Phantom Galaxies?

Phantom Galaxies is a free to play, story-based, FPS, MMORPG set in a future of space travel and planet colonization. Players follow the storyline quests, fight pirates, and upgrade their character and starships along the way. Phantom Galaxies includes starship piloting and fighting, as well as walkable, 3D space stations where most of the NPC interactions occur.

Players will own their own Starfighters in the form of NFTs. They will also use equipment and fusion NFTs to upgrade their fighters. Phantom Galaxies also includes a bounty system, daily and weekly quests, and a PvP system. The Phantom Galaxies team has plans for many additional features as well. These include arena PvP, PvE raids, and even potential permanent loss of Starfighter NFTs (in certain zones)!

Phantom Galaxies opened early access to players on November 15th, 2023, with the game accessible through both Steam and the Epic Games store.

To learn more about Phantom Galaxies, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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