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Alterverse Disruption Now on Steam Early Access

alterverse disruption steam early access

It’s a little Christmas miracle, because the blockchain-powered shooter Alterverse Disruption is now available on Steam Early Access. This early version of the online game will remain in early access between three to six months, according to the product description. Alterverse Disruption costs 18 dollars or a price that’s more reasonable in your local currency.

Alterverse Disruption gives players a variety of game modes. There are free-for-all deathmatches, or a mode where players need to raid treasures from a giant spaceship. In addition there are space ship battles and melee matches. Alterverse Disruption promises a variety of tournaments with prizes and in addition the possibility to earn and collect cosmetics.

Ultimately Alterverse needs to become an universe where players also create their own content. The developers are working on a variety of home worlds. However, there will also be player-owned worlds where players can create their own multiplayer games without the need of any coding skills.

Ownership in Alterverse Disruption

Alterverse Disruption is the first playable game out of a total of seventeen games that make up the complete Alterverse. Alterverse is part of the Enjin multiverse. This means that some tokenized weapons from the game can also be used in other games. In October 2019 the company announced a partnership with EnjinCraft. This allows some items from EnjinCraft to become guns in Alterverse Disruption.

An early version of Alterverse Disruption became playable for a small group of gamers in February. Only those who own an Elite Lifetime Citizenship, Limited Edition Game Server or an AlterVerse Founder’s Token were able to jump in.

Aside from the membership, skins for weapons and founder’s token, there’s one more blockchain element worth mentioning. Players can own entire space ships. These so-called Disrupter Ships are basically game servers. These Disrupter Ships can be heavily customized and the owners also earn a commission on the sales of skins. In addition they can charge a small fee in Faces, the in-game currency, to play. They can also offer prizes to those who win the game mode.

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