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Fableborne Holders Playtest Coming Soon

Fableborne Holders Playtest banner

A new playtest is coming to Fableborne, but to get access this time around, all you have to do is hold a Fableborne Primordial NFT! Known as the Holders Playtest, this preview / play session for Fableborne will only be open for a few days, but it brings several new features!

A new playtest opens up next week for Fableborne, though this one is only open to holders of Fableborne Primordial NFTs.

a sample of Fableborne Primordials
a sample of Fableborne Primordials

This playtest introduces new defense units in the form of the Healer and the Sniper. The Healer will heal nearby creatures (but not towers). This forces the attacking player to either focus on the Healer first, or hopefully find a way to outdamage the healing ability. And the Sniper with their long-range attacks can provide deadly support, becomes available at level nine.

The defense AI has received a boost as well, and you can expect to see defensive units grouping up more and working together

But it’s not all about defense. Players will also have access to a new assault Hero, Nix! Nix is a new melee hero. Her abilities include a dash to help her move around and engage the foes, and a Tidal Pull ability – a powerful AoE that pulls all of those affected closer to Nix!

We also have a new progression system for Creatures and Buildings, new Hero Talent mechanics, and a number of balancing changes.

This playtest is scheduled to run from Wednesday, October 25, 6:00 AM CST until Friday, October 27, 6:00 AM CST.

You can pick up a Fableborne Primordial on OpenSea (Polygon network) with a current floor price of 52 MATIC tokens.

What is Fableborne?

Fableborne is free to play, play to own game that is a blend of action RPG and base building. Featuring an isometric viewpoint, Fableborne allows players to take to the arena themselves in multiplayer, asynchronous combat.

In Fableborne, players scout for new and bigger islands, build and fortify their bases, and unlock and upgrade the Echoes of slumbering Heroes to raid other player’s islands for resources. Built as a mobile first game, Fableborn is designed to feature quick play sessions.

Players start the game with a basic island and a common Hero. But not all resources are available on the starting island. So players will need to raid other player’s bases, and defeat PvE encounters to build up their own base. Echoes are playable characters, with a variety of skill and talent unlocks to choose from when leveling up. But, every time an Echo is defeated, they begin to fade. Enough defeats and that Echo can no longer participate in raids. However, players have the option of resetting a faded Echo, bringing it back to life with full energy but removing all levels and talents. The rejuvenated Echo does get an ability boost to help them re-level up.

And while players will be able to purchase NFT heroes, the Fableborne team wants to build a ‘fair economy’ where every player has the potential to unlock and own new heroes. How this works has not yet been detailed. Fableborne will include leaderboards and regular tournaments.

To learn more about Fableborne, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

Fableborne gameplay
Fableborne gameplay
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