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Wildcard revealed details about their upcoming mint for their Genesis WildPass NFT, which begins on April 20th. The Wildcard Genesis WildPass promises lots of utility including future whitelisting for all mints, airdrops, and more!

This first real mint for Wildcard NFTs comes on April 20th. With a limited collection of 4,444, Genesis Wildpass NFTs promise to be a coveted item among the playerbase!

If you have any interest in Wildcard, you will probably want to consider picking up a Genesis WildPass in this upcoming mint. The team promises major utility for these Genesis Wildpasses. This includes permanent allowlist access for all future Wildcard mints, early access to playtests, private Discord channels, priority access to partner programs, airdrops, and more! They also say that this will be the most exclusive NFT in Wildcard.

WildPass Mint Info

Priced at 44 MATIC, the sale for these WildPasses opens on April 20th. The mint will be on Magic Eden and is expected to start at noon CST.

There will be a snapshot on April 17th to finalize the whitelist for the two phases. Those who are flagged as ‘Invited (S1)’ in Discord get first mint access and a guaranteed mint of one WildPass. This role may still be open through contests and giveaways. Keep an eye on social media for chances to win a spot. Phase 2 will be for those with the ‘Collector (S1)’ role. Players can get flagged as a collector by owning a Wildcard Swag NFT, connecting via, and then verifying on the Wildcard Discord.

Phase 2 is not a guaranteed mint. It will be first come, first served. If the mint doesn’t sell out during phase 1 and 2, any remaining NFTs will become available to the public.

Wildcard has not yet held any major NFT sales, so the WildPass presents an opportunity to get spot on the ground floor as the team builds out their MOBA eSport game.

Wildcard Wildpass info
WildPass holder benefits

What is Wildcard?

Wildcard is a PvP, esport game. Gameplay revolves around building a deck of cards, then using those in a real-time arena to summon allies as you team tries to destroy your opponent’s goal. Players must actively play their Champion in-game, while also utilizing their cards to best effect.

Summons come in a variety of types, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and skill set. Managing your Summons effectively while also utilizing your Champion in the game will require some skill!

Wildcard held a game exhibition not long ago with community players and web3 streamers. You can see a few video clips from the event on their Twitter feed.

To learn more about Wildcard, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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Wildcard screenshot
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