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Play and Earn with MetalCore Playtest

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Another MetalCore playtest begins today, and this one comes with the chance to earn some special play and earn rewards! This playtest will run for a week, and players will also be able to use the Infantry NFTs they own in-game!

It’s time for a sci-fi shootout! The next Metalcore playtest is set to begin on October 6th, 6pm PT with servers open for a full week, and chances to earn prizes simply by playing the game!

MetalCore is available for PC only at the moment and requires 16GB of RAM, 60GB of hard drive space, and Windows 10 or 11. Players who already registered for the beta should have receive a code via email. This code allows you to download and install MetalCore through Epic Games. If you don’t have a code, you can open a support ticket on their Discord server and ask for one.

The MetalCore team has earmarked four different playtimes next weekend, encouraging players to join at those times for some massive battle action! These timeslots are October 12th, 7-9am and 6-8pm PT, and on October 113th, also from 7-9am and 6-8pm PT.

Play and Earn a Vehicle

Players will have a chance to earn a number of vehicles by gaining experience points during this playtest. Four different vehicles are available, with the easiest prize requiring an accumulation of 5,000 XP. Everyone who hits 5,000 XP will receive a Hader I Tank. The higher level goals only offer a chance to win one of the listed items. These are a Spaher ‘Bobcat at 10k XP, a Raven F2 at 25k XP, and a Shiva HD1 at 50k XP. We don’t know how many of these rarer vehicles will be available, but presumably this will be given away through some sort of raffle or lottery system.

These rewards will be delivered when MetalCore gets close to moving into their open beta stage. The MetalCore team also sometimes invites skilled players to their exclusive testing guild called Guild 369. Those in Guild 369 have opportunities to earn Litecoin by testing the game.

In addition can also receive a vehicle simply by registering for the open beta!

What is MetalCore?

MetalCore is a web3-enabled game that is a cross between Planetside and Battlefield. It’s a first-person/third-person, sci-fi-themed FPS with numerous vehicles, infantry types, and loadouts. The game features instanced, faction combat, with some battles supporting up to 100 players per side! MetalCore includes vehicle and infantry combat, with a wide variety of combat styles and support options to choose from. Coordination with your teammates and faction members will be important.

During the Faction battles, each side tries to take and control various tactical points around the map while attempting to destroy the enemy base. Tactical points provide in-game advantages for the controlling faction. Each player has a limited number of respawns per battle. Once those respawns run out, that player may no longer play in that battle, but other players can take their place.

MetalCore includes both PvE and PvP zones. Players earn FAB tokens while playing the game. This token will be used for crafting and upgrades. Players craft Vehicles in Garages, and can upgrade and customize them with special skins and decals. MetalCore will also support Baronies, or guilds.

MetalCore will include free-to-play options. They are also implementing a Content Creator’s program with rewards for streamers and video creators. The game is currently in alpha testing.

MetalCore partnered with Immutable X earlier this year, so expect to see future integrations with the Immutable Passport and marketplace.

To learn more about MetalCore, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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