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Win a Planet in PlanetQuest Outposts

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PlanetQuest opens up a planet development preview, letting players grow and manage their planets with a web-based feature they call Outposts. And though PlanetQuest Outposts is just in a preview mode at the moment, it’s free to play, and there is an opportunity to win your very own Planet NFT!

PlanetQuests Outposts is now live and open to everyone. You can play at This preview will remain live through October 12th.

Players who have their own NFT planets can use those to play with. Other players will receive a common Dwarf planet that they can build on. Also, be sure to read the news articles in-game. Each one has an in-game reward you can claim!

PlanetQuest Outposts features a playstyle familiar to anyone who has played other base building games. Construct buildings, gather resources, and upgrade while trying to balance resource production versus expenditures. In addition to buildings, players must craft drones to explore, attack and defend!

Base resources include energy, materials, and Quantum. Quantum is an important resource, as it converts directly into credits, and at some point in the future, will also be exchangeable for the PQX token.

Players gain in reputation level as they grow and upgrade their base. Everyone who reaches reputation level 5 during the preview will be eligible to win one of three NFT Planets!

PlanetQuest Outposts building interface
construct and upgrade buildings

What is PlanetQuest?

PlanetQuest is a space-based MMO game that sees players venturing down to Planets on missions to acquire Quantum, parts, gear, or even alien artifacts!

Owned planets may only be visited by players who belong to the same faction as the owner. Unowned planets are free to visit by all, and the setting for the PvP gameplay. A generator called The Genesis Engine procedurally creates all planets and encounters in PlanetQuest. Planet owners receive rewards based on the number of players who visit their Planet and the success of their missions. So active owners will likely generate more activity and earn greater rewards.

Players start off at a Common rarity home planet. As players advance through the game and earn Quantum, they open up opportunities to move to rarer Planets. Rarer Planets offer better rewards but also increased danger.

PlanetQuest will include a crafting feature where players create Gear from Parts. in addition, players can break down Gear for Parts, adding a deflationary aspect to Gear generation. The game will also offer a commission-based rental system. Gear owners receive a percentage of the Quantum earned by players using their gear.

In addition, PlanetQuest runs a community directed storyline, where people in Discord can vote on certain actions, deciding what happens in an ongoing lore story.

To learn more about PlanetQuest, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat!

PlanetQuest work in progress screenshot - Smart Shotgun
PlanetQuest work in progress screenshot – Smart Shotgun
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