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Sugartown Staking, NGMI Alpha Event, and More

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Hot off of their Ora NFT mint, Sugartown is ramping things up by introducing staking this week, and opening up the first game on their platform to eligible players!

Sugartown, the web3 gaming platform built by Zynga, is not wasting any time. With their first NFT mint just recently completed, they are already opening a staking program, and holding their first play to earn event on their game platform! And this all revolves around the Oras, the as-yet-unrevealed, founder-level NFTs recently released by Sugartown.

Staking and the NGMI Alpha Event

The first game preview will occur this weekend, September 29th through October 2nd. Known as the NGMI Alpha Event, this won’t be open to every Ora holder. In order to participate you must additionally have the LVL4 or Supercharge role on Discord, or win one of 50 raffle spots (details have not yet been announced).

Players will also need to stake their Oras to earn energy in order to play the NGMI Alpha. Other than that, we have no information about this game at all except that there will be prizes for the top eight players, and additional rewards raffled between everyone that participated.

Sugartown recommends that all Ora holders stake, even if they don’t plan on competing in this first event. Those who stake their Oras for seven days can earn Lifeboound Tokens, or LBTs. The Sugartown team will take a snapshot on October 9th, 2023, at 9am PT. Anyone who has staked their Ora for at least seven days on the day of the snapshot will earn an LBT. However, unlike other Soulbound tokens, LBTs aren’t for tracking player progress. Instead, they are special, un-tradeable tokens that can be exchanged for rewards and prizes? What sort of rewards and prizes? We don’t know yet!

Staking opens on Wednesday, September 27th, at 9am PST. Interestingly, the Oras aren’t even revealed yet. We don’t have a date for their emergence, but rumors have it as sometime in October, well after the staking feature opens!

Sugartown has more planned over the next couple of weeks. And with their already quick start to pushing their gaming ecosystem out, I would expect to hear a lot more from them as they ramp things up!

Sugartown event calendar
Sugartown event calendar

What is Sugartown?

Sugartown is a new web3 gaming platform being built by ZW3, the web3 gaming division of Zynga. This platform will be the central location for ZW3 created games, but it seems they may also want to encourage user generated content. Now whether that includes full game stack development, or just mods and customizations for the Zynga games is still unknown.

The lore for Sugartown revolves around a group of farm animals who inadvertently opened a multidimensional portal. As part of this event, Oras appeared. Oras are the first NFT collection for Sugartown, and include special perks for those who hold and stake them.

To learn more about Sugartown, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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