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Zynga Announces Web3 Game Sugartown

Sugartown banner

Zynga, one of the most well known names in casual gaming, opened up a web3 gaming division known as ZW3. Now, they announce their first release, a gaming platform called Sugartown!

Sugartown is a new web3 gaming platform being built by ZW3, the web3 gaming division of Zynga. This platform will be the central location for ZW3 created games, but it seems they may also want to encourage user generated content. Now whether that includes full game stack development, or just mods and customizations for the Zynga games is still unknown.

In fact, we don’t really have many details on the Sugartown platform yet. But we do have some lore as well as the announcement of their first NFT collection!

Zynga Sugartown

Sugartown and Oras

The lore for Sugartown revolves around a group of farm animals who inadvertently opened a multidimensional portal. As part of this event, Oras appeared. Oras will be the first NFT collection for Sugartown, and it seems like they may be a founder level type of NFT. Details are lacking on Oras as well. But the overall gist seems to be that the Oras will function as governance NFTs, and may also have the ability to build their own games on the platform. The website talks about helping to guide the direction of the games on Sugartown and also mentions user created content.

The Sugartown team has announced that they plan to make the Oras a free mint! They also say that they plan to have all available Ora mints accounted for through the allowlist process. But if any are not minted, those will rollover to a public sale.

Other than that, we are told to stay tuned for details about time, date, logistics, and number of Ora available. Watch their Twitter feed and join their Discord for updates. However, the Discord is currently gated behind an access code. Codes are limited use and released randomly and during project events. So you’ll definitely want to keep a close eye out for any announcements you can find from Zynga and Sugartown to access the Discord server and have an early chance to grab an allowlist spot!

And, of course, the question will be, “Can Zynga bring web2 gamers to their web3 game?” Hopefully we shall soon see!

To learn more about Sugartown, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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