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Mighty Action Heroes Releases Mighty Road Update

Mighty Action Heroes Mighty Road banner

A new release comes to Mighty Action Heroes, bringing with it a player leveling system, a season pass with various rewards, quests, new heroes, and the ability to buff up heroes with Perks! There’s a lot of new stuff to check out in this casual, free to play, open beta, browser/mobile, battle royale game!

With a release called ‘Mighty Road’, Mighty Action Heroes brings us a major update to their game. This latest update includes so many systems that it really propels Mighty Action Heroes to the next level!

Mighty Action Heroes is currently in open beta and available to everyone. You can play Mighty Action Heroes in a browser, or download it for Android devices (iOS app is still in development).

What’s New in Mighty Road?

The main attractions for Mighty Road are customization and player progression.

For customization, players now have the option of equipping their Heroes with Perks, special items that provide various in-game bonuses. There are ten perks in all, with choices such as increased max health, decreased reload time, regen, and more, available to the players. Perks are gathered from the player progression system, and can also be found in supply crates. Multiple copies of the same Perk can be combined to level up the Perk.

As for player progression, Mighty Action Heroes now features both a player leveling system and a Season Pass. The Season pass functions like a battle pass, with players earning points towards their pass by completing Quests. The premium Pass includes two exclusive items, the Quick Fix Perk, giving the player passive regeneration, and a new epic-level Hero, Sally Slayer. Premium Pass activation costs 550 Gems (~$14 USD). It is possible to accumulate enough Gems through leveling and and the Season Pass, to activate the Premium Pass, but it will take a while!

Quests also feed into the new player leveling system. Players gain experience by completing quests. As they level up they get access to more Perk chits, as well as Coins and Gems to spend in-game. Players can complete a maximum of 3-5 quests per day, based upon how many Heroes they have.

The game now includes two currencies as well, Coins and Gems. Players can purchase Perk and Hero Supply Crates with Gems. Coins are used for upgrading and crafting. Both can be acquired through leveling up, or purchased with USDC through the store.

Players begin the game with two free Heroes to use. Others can be purchased with MBIT tokens or in-game with Gems. Heroes have different stats and abilities. This update also adds eight new heroes into the game, bringing the total to sixteen!

Mighty Action Heroes Season Pass
Mighty Action Heroes first Season Pass

What is Mighty Action Heroes?

Mighty Action Heroes is a free to play, casual, top-down, browser-based, battle royale game in development on the Ethereum blockchain. It will include both on-chain and off-chain assets. Some cosmetic items and all novice level heroes will be off-chain. Premium Heroes and Equipment, as well as crafting resources and blueprints will be on-chain. Free to play players won’t have access to some game features such as crafting.

The game’s characters are inspired by popular action heroes from around the world. Players can level up their Heroes and equip them with various weapons and abilities.

Players earn rewards based on their final standing at the end of each match. In addition, Mighty Action Heroes includes the standard battle pass style system. In this case it’s called a Season Pass and offers both a Starter and Premium Tier, with the better rewards reserved for Premium Pass holders.

They also plan to introduce their own ecosystem token called MGHTY.

To learn more about Mighty Action Heroes, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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