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Stake and Earn with Mighty Action Heroes Terminal

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On the eve of their upcoming playtest, Mighty Action Heroes reveals the MightyNet Terminal, a way for Pass and Big Bear holders to stake their NFTs and earn MBITs, tokens that can be used for purchasing Supply Crates.

The MightyNet Terminal opens on April 21st, 12am UTC. Once live, players can link their NFTs to start earning MBITs. There are two types of NFTs currently allowed in the Terminal — Big Bear Syndicate and MightyNet Genesis Pass. Big Bear Syndicate is the first PFP collection from MightyNet. They provide early game access, function as in-game avatars, and offer other benefits as well. The Genesis Pass gives the holder early access to all of their games and early access to the first NFT drops.

The Genesis Passes have a 4x multiplier for staking and currently cost about $130 USD. Big Bear NFTs, on the other hand, are going for under $40, so they provide a cheaper alternative for those who want to get a foot into the MightNet ecosystem.

When owners link their NFTs to the Terminal, they choose a lockup time from 1 to 12 months. The longer the lockup period, the bigger the boost multiplier. All the way up to +400% for those who are willing to sign up for twelve months!

MBIT distribution will begin about a week after the Terminal launch. The staking MBIT rewards will come from a shared pool. Players will also be able to earn these game tokens from leaderboards, tournaments, and community events. MBITs are non-tradable points, used to purchase Supply Crates. Supply Crates contain various items, and they can be traded to other players.

Big Bear Syndicate PFPs
Big Bear Syndicate PFPs

What is Mighty Action Heroes?

Mighty Action Heroes is a free to play, browser-based, third-person, battle royale game on the Ethereum blockchain. It will include both on-chain and off-chain assets. Some cosmetic items and all novice level heroes will be off-chain. Premium Heroes and Equipment, as well as crafting resources and blueprints will be on-chain. Free to play players won’t have access to some game features such as crafting.

The game’s characters are inspired by popular action heroes from around the world. Players can level up their Heroes and equip them with various weapons and abilities.

Players earn rewards based on their final standing at the end of each match. In addition, Mighty Action Heroes will include the standard battle pass style system. In this case it’s called a Season Pass and will offer both a Starter and Premium Tier, with the better rewards reserved for Premium Pass holders.

They also plan to introduce their own ecosystem token called MGHTY.

To learn more about Mighty Action Heroes, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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