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Pegaxy 3D Launches Open Alpha Test

Pegaxy alpha test banner

Pegaxy rises from the ashes like some sort of Phoenix-horse-thing, bringing us the first playable, open alpha for their revamped mechanical Pegasus racing game! No longer stuck on the sidelines, now players must manually guide their horse through the race, pitting their skills directly against other players!

Pegaxy began as a simple, passive, winged horse racing game. Which was all fine in web3 development two years ago. But times have changed and the quality of web3 games increased. And with a declining playerbase, the Pegaxy team recognized that they needed to make some changes. And so, they shutdown their game, and began development on their new release.

Now, eight months later, they are ready to show us what they have been working on with their first open alpha test! This alpha test is open to everyone and is available for Android devices through the Google Play store.

Pegaxy 3d demo

The Pegaxy Reboot

The reboot of Pegaxy looks to be a Mario Kart style racing game, except with mechanical Pegasi instead of vehicles! Players control their steed as they race around a track, pick up power ups, and attack other players. Players compete against seven other racers in a PvP showdown. Each race includes an elemental variable that can affect the race.

At the moment, the game is pretty basic, and the actual graphics don’t look like the polished, released images. But it’s important to remember that this is the first alpha. Having come this far, I’m sure the Pegaxy team is working to fix any issues and upgrade the game experience. We do know that they have plans to build out a league and upgrade system, as well as include breeding and renting systems.

Whereas it would have been easy for the Pegaxy team to just let the game fade into oblivion, as seems to be the strategy for many of these early, web-based blockchain games, Pegaxy instead has doubled down, completely revamping their game while still providing utility for NFT owners.

It’s still to early to say if this reboot will be a success. But I give the Pegaxy team credit for sticking it out and spending the time, money, and effort to bring a whole new dimension to their game!

To learn more about Pegaxy, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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