McFarlane NFTs; Azuki Partners with Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes Azuki McFarlane banner

Though NFTs are still looked down upon by many, including those in the cryptocurrency community, developers, artists, and celebrities are still moving forward with forays into the NFT arena. Some recent projects include NFT releases from Todd McFarlane, and an official partnership between Azuki and Patrick Mahomes, NFL quarterback!

Who says NFTs are dead? While the world of NFTs may be evolving and changing, it is certainly not dead. And two NFT ventures from well-known, real-life celebrities are helping to prove that fact!

And it doesn’t just end with these two projects. Other recent or upcoming NFT projects include releases from well known entities such as The Weeknd, Mercedes (the car maker), and Mattel. And that’s just a few! And though some of these collections may not fare so well, the fact that we see more mainstream entries into the world of NFTs bodes well for the overall scene.

McFarlane Toys NFTs

First announced late last year, McFarlane Toys, founded by Todd McFarlane, partnered with Rarible to create a specialized marketplace for official McFarlane NFTs. McFarlane already has over a dozen NFT collections available. Among these are Superman, Blue Beetle, Spawn Gunslinger, Dragons, and more. The most recent release, a sale of DC licensed Batman NFTs designed by Todd McFarlane, sold out in three minutes!

For more about the digital McFarlane Toys, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Azuki and Mahomes

For those who don’t know, Patrick Mahomes is a star NFL quarterback who has won two Superbowls and was named MVP both times! His name is instantly recognizable to almost any NFL fan. And, Patrick Mahomes has decided to dive headfirst into NFTs. In fact, he has set up a ‘Museum of Mahomes’ for his NFTs.

As prelude to his Museum launch, Patrick Mahomes teamed up with Azuki for a special, limited edition release of an NFT with artwork designed by the Azuki team. Anyone holding an Azuki NFT was able to claim one of these cards. And one lucky winner received a special one-of-one edition, that also grants them a physical version of the card!

The first NFTs from the Museum of Mahomes should release soon. Follow them on Twitter and sign up on their website to stay up to date on the release.

This is an interesting partnership for both sides. By joining with Azuki, Mahomes immediately receives a certain amount of prestige and exposure to NFT collectors that may not be interested in American Football. And on the other side, Azuki gets potential exposure to millions of football fans who likely know nothing at all about NFTs!

Azuki themed Patrick Mahomes card
Azuki themed Patrick Mahomes card
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