Top Play-to-Earn and NFT Games of the Week – May 1st

top play to earn games

Let’s see which projects made it to the top 10 this week and which one fell out of it. We also review the top 10 NFT collections, the top crypto gaming tokens, and the big announcements of the week.

Top play-to-earn games by active users

GameActive Users 7 daysChange
1. Splinterlands487k +0.4%
2. Alien Worlds377k +9%
3. MOBOX: NFT Farmer160k -5%
4. Upland154k -0.14%
5. Farmers World148k+2.4%
6. Sunflower Land113k-0.9%
7. Galaxy Blocks 98k+4%
8. Pegaxy88k -21%
9. Bomb Crytpo79k +33%
10. Jelly Squish75k +28%

No major change in the top 10 this week, except the appearance of Jelly Squish taking the 10th spot from Defi Kingdoms. Jelly Squish is a casual game and we can see that these attract lots of players with Galaxy Blocks still being in 4th place. Axie Infinity still did not reclaim its spot in the top 10, let’s see if it can make it back. Sunflower Land is still holding its 6th spot and might attract even more players after their token launch on May 9th.

Top 10 NFT collections

CollectionVolume traded 7 days inChangeFloor Price
1. Otherdeed From Otherside121,402 ETHn/a4.94 ETH
2. Bored Ape Yacht Club29,864 ETH+92%132 ETH
3. Mutant Ape Yacht Club544.5 ETH+23.6%25.95 ETH
4. Okay Bears571,072 SOLn/a94 SOL
5. Moonbirds15,240 ETH-70%33.99 ETH
6. VeeFriends Series 213,771 ETH+1360.79 ETH
7. Ragnarok Meta10,540 ETHn/a2.5 ETH
8. Akutars9695 ETHn/a1.85 ETH
9. Meebits8,521 ETH+161%7.2 ETH
10. IO: Imaginary Ones8,220 ETHn/a1.33 ETH
Source OpenSea

The news and launch of the week was undeniably the land sale for the Otherside, BAYC’s upcoming metaverse project. The land sale drove up the gas fees on Ethereum to insane levels, but it didn’t stop the buyers to ape in the project regardless of transaction costs. In just two days, the collection has already reached an impressive number in terms of the trading volume. This sale also drove the floor price of many collections down. NFT collectors were looking for liquidity in order to get their hands on the most hyped metaverse project of the moment.

The Ragnarok project also saw impressive growth in its first week. Moonbirds are still here, even though if the volume traded dropped by 70% in the past 7 days.

Top announcements of the week

1. Gala Games Brings us a Fuzzle Sale

Fuzzle banner

The latest release from the increasingly prolific Gala Games brings us a sale for a project called Fuzzle. Combining NFTs, furry creatures, and an adaptive AI, Fuzzles could be breaking some interesting new ground. More of an interactive experience, than a game, Fuzzles learn by talking to their owners. But, as creatures from a different planet, can we ever really know their true purpose? After all, Gremlins start off as sweet little Mogwai…. – Read more

2. Phantom Galaxies Mintpass and Planet Sale

Phantom Galaxies updated their website recently, announced Mintpass rewards allowing holders of certain NFTs the ability to mint new, limited edition NFTs, and also provided details about their imminent Planet sale. Phantom Galaxies has built a system of acquiring and merging Medal and Poster NFTs in order to create rarer versions. They are using this system to build a whitelist for new, special NFTs, and also tie into their upcoming planetary land sale. This system is designed to reward those who are actually playing and participating in these early alpha releases. – Read more

3. Green Rabbit Hosting Free, Play and Earn Event

Green Rabbit Free to Earn Event banner

We talked not long ago about Green Rabbit’s new social hub and the first alpha release of their racing event. One of the main issues I had with the Hub is that the novelty wore off quickly and there wasn’t much incentive to hang around. Since then, the Green Rabbit team has hosted several, short-term events where random, active players in the game were rewarded with WAX prizes. But now, Green Rabbit is ready to step up their game with a new free to earn event that ties in with their upcoming Apartment sale. – Read more

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