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Axie Origins Adds New Experience System

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Dynamic NFTs come to the Axie-verse as wee see the introduction of a new experience and leveling system for Axies. Players earn Axie Experience Points simply by playing the game, and in turn, higher level Axies will have options to upgrade their body parts!

Axie Infinity brings a new rewards system to their game with the ability to earn experience points for your Axies and level them up! Players can earn Axie Experience Points, or AXP, simply by playing Axie Origins. Each ranked battle in Origins that uses stamina will grant each Axie on the winning team 150 AXP. And since Axies have a stamina cap of 30, that means at most, each Axie can earn 4500 AXP per day.

The team plans to add additional methods for obtaining AXP and want this system to extend across the Axie ecosystem. The Axie Experience Point system went live on July 18th, 2023.

Axie Ascension

Once an Axie reaches 13,310 AXP, it will need to ascend. This is managed through the Axie management page on App.axie. Ascension is the process of updating the metadata on the Axie NFT with the level information. When an Axie reaches the ascend point, they must ascend to continue gaining experience. Ascension is free at the moment, but in the future it will cost AXS shards.

There are 3 different Ascension points — level 9, 19, and 29. The second ascension comes when an Axie gains 110,480 AXP, and the third at 334,170 experience.

So what’s the point of leveling up Axies? Body Part Upgrades! This system isn’t ready yet (hopefully later this year). But once it is, players will be able to increase the levels of individual body parts. Each Ascension level allows one body part to be upgraded. Upgrading parts will also require materials, which can primarily be earned by releasing Axies.

This experience system is designed to help players develop more personal attachment to Axies. It will also provide an important impetus to the economy as players will need AXS tokens to ascend, and spare Axies will be be released to generate materials needed for for future parts upgrades.

This also brings dynamic NFTs to the game, something that we are seeing more of as the web3 gaming scene matures and develops.

Axie experience system

AXP Launch Rewards

And to encourage players to get out and play now, the first ten players to reach level 30 with an Axie will receive a Japanese Axie. In addition, the first hundred players to level 30)will be gifted a unique Origins avatar and avatar border. There may be a third reward tier added as well.

To receive any of these rewards, the Axie must be Ascended and synced on the Ronin chain. And don’t forget, Ascension costs are free at the moment!

As a additional reward for the old-timers, anyone with low-ID Axies, or with Axies that were used in battles from Fall of 2018 to Winter of 2019, will have a one-time experience point bonus on their Axies. They will also receive a drop of materials once the Parts upgrading feature goes live.

What is Axie Origins?

Axie Origins is a creature battler and breeding game. Originally on the Ethereum network, Axie Infinity moved to the Ronin sidechain in 2021, and launched a staking system for their AXS governance token. In the game players use a team of three Axie NFTs to battle opponents in Adventure mode (PvE) and the Arena (PvP). A

Players use SLP to breed new Axies. Parent Axies can only produce offspring a limited number of times. Also, players can attach Runes and Charms found in PvE mode to provide boosts to Axies. Axie Infinity rebooted their main game in late 2022 with the launch of Axie Origins. They have also added Raylights, a new growing and decorating mini-game for landowners.

For help playing Axie Origins, check out our game guide and review.

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