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Axie Infinity Releases Homeland

Axie Infinity Homeland

Axie Infinity releases homeland which brings land owners the very first land gameplay experience. This is an early alpha build but it already looks great. Finally, after more than three years of waiting, landowners are going to be able to play on their $1,000 USD land plots. Axie Infinity: Homeland is available for all landholders through Mavis Hub for Windows and Mac.

For all the landowners who have been patiently waiting, finally Land Gameplay is here. Players can start their village on Lunacia and use their Axies to gather resources and build their Homeland. Unfortunately, non-landowners will have to wait a bit longer until they can try this brand-new game mode.

The main goal of Homeland is to manage a settlement as efficiently as possible in order to equip adventurers with gear and supplies to defeat waves of monsters. The more successful these adventurers are the more rewards the landowner will get. Since this is an early alpha build the focus is to gather feedback so, so far, there are no rewards.

Homeland Features

Right now Homeland has the following features:

  • Gather – gather raw materials from the surrounding environment
  • Craft – craft powerful gear and supplies for your adventurer
  • Trade – trade with native adventurers and other landowners for in-game currency
  • Decorate – Finally, players are going to be able to use those decorative NFTs on their lands that they have been holding for three years
  • Build – build the necessary infrastructure to craft gear and process raw materials
  • Passive Adventure – equip and send your adventurers to battle
  • Compete – There are already leaderboards to bring some competition to Homeland
  • Explore – explore the world of Lunacia as landowners turn their empty land plots into massive settlements

So far the only in-game blockchain mechanics are the NFT land plots and the NFT land items. There are still no crypto tokens integrated into Homeland. Since this is just the early alpha of this game mode, players can keep their land plots staked while playing. In the future, rewards will be implemented into Axie Infinity Homeland and Land Staking will be turned off.

At the end of the Alpha phase, progress will be reset. However, players will keep their off-chain cosmetics earned during this phase. Below, you can find a tutorial for this new game mode.

Axie Infinity Homeland Tutorial

How to play Homeland?

To play Homeland you will need a Sky Mavis account and a Ronin wallet to begin. Then, you will need to head into Axie Infinity’s marketplace, log in with your Ronin wallet and buy a land plot.

Land plots are not cheap. The floor price is currently at 1.09 ETH or $1,308 USD. Besides this, land plots have different rarities:

  • Savannah
  • Forest
  • Arctic
  • Mystic
  • Genesis

Land plots with a higher rarity are closer to the center where one day there will be events, and usually, they are closer to resource nodes. In Land Staking, land plots with a higher rarity get more daily rewards in $AXS. There is speculation that in the future landowners of higher-tier land plots will be able to reap more rewards from Homeland than landowners of low-tier land plots.


There is also a roadmap for Homeland with four different phases. But, the timeline goes from 2021 to 2026, so it is not clear when each of the features mentioned are going to be implemented.

Axie Infinity Homeland Roadmap
Axie Infinity Homeland Roadmap

Last Thoughts

Personally, I am quite surprised with the quality of this new game mode. I have been bearish in Axie for some time but I recognize that Homeland actually looks good. If I had a land plot I would probably spend some time playing it. It looks like a nice casual game.

But I think that for Axie to really shine again, Sky Mavis has to merge the main game modes, Homeland with Origins. This was what was intended in the beginning when they launched that land demo where players could gather resources and battle chimera, all in the same game mode. With all these separate game modes, Axie will keep being a mobile game among many others, that only stands out because of how much money people made when it was at its peak.