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Axie Infinity: Origins Season 2 Launch

Axie Infinity Origins Season 2 Launch

Axie Infinity has announced Season 2 of Origins, a game involving cards where users compete with Axies. Recall that season one of Axie Infinity: Origins was kicked off in early September with a prize pool of 112,000 AXS tokens, 6,750 of those going to the first-place finisher!

The NFT-based game offered more than 1.5M USD worth of AXS rewards during Season 1, also introducing new gameplay systems. On the 11th of January, Axie announced the arrival of Origins Season 2. Season 2 comes with even more modified gameplay and features.

Some new additions or modifications are upgraded crafting progression, daily login rewards, Eras, and many more. This article discusses key features mentioned by Axie and hints on how to make the most of the event.

Axie Infinity Season 2 Key Points

Axie Infinity Origins 2: Key Features

Axie Infinity Origins Season 2 will last 42 days, about the same duration as Season one, although shorter. However, there are huge differences this time, and the users who get the hang of it first will have better chances at rewards.

There are several updates to Charms, Runes, cards, and a new leaderboard. The leaderboard system is called style and will reward users with more than 110,000 AXS throughout the season.

The leaderboard, Eras, will also facilitate progressive rarity unlocks through the event. Additionally, there is a daily login reward for all users, meaning players can get lucky by logging in. The leaderboard system is also different in terms of the award of rewards, as users will be rewarded four times in the season. Level-ups will also happen more frequently. All of these changes come from user feedback.

Axie Infinity Season 2 Leaderboard Rewards
Axie Infinity Season 2 Leaderboard Rewards

Eras: The New Leaderboard System

Eras are like stages of the leaderboard that will reward players throughout the season. There are four eras, and players will be rewarded at the end of each one The eras are the rare era, the epic era, the mystic era, and the final era.

The Rare Era

The Rare Era will last the first seven days of the 42-day season, after which players will get rewarded. The reward payout is 11,200 AXS; only common and rare runes are offered for crafting. Users can only use basic crafting, and there are no open utility slots.

The Epic Era

The Epic Era will last longer than the Rare Era, from day 7 to day 21 of the season. All utility slots are open, and intermediate crafting is unlocked here. Common, rare, and epic runes and charms are available for crafting.

The Mystic Era

The Mystic Era will last from day 21 to day 28 of the season, and the total reward payout is 16,800 AXS.

The Final Era

The final era is the last leaderboard stage and will last from day 28 to day 42 of the season. The reward payout in this era is 50,400 AXS, and all runes and charms can be crafted or traded.

You can read in more detail about the Season 2 mechanics here.

Launch Contest: Origins Season 2

Axie Infinity: Origins Season 2 started with a Bugapalooza launch contest from January 11th to January 18th, 2022. The contest is bug-themed, and players can earn contest points and unlock other rewards.

When the season ends, Lunacians will receive avatar rewards and avatars commemorating their hard work. In addition, there are new card effects, and the game’s physics has been improved tremendously.

All of these features make Origins Season 2 very different from season 1.

Axie Infinity Origin Season 2 Launch Fest Bugapalooza

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is an NFT-based game that aims to create a global economy of Lunacians (Axie Infinity users) on the web3. In the last five years, the blockchain has been in use more than ever, and Axie Infinity is one of the most played games established on it.

The game’s concept features playings fighting in arenas using teams of creatures called Axies. The term used to describe Axies is “adorable monsters”, and no other is more suited for a character that fights to earn you money.

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