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Deadrop Releases New Snapshot

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Deadrop releases Snapshot VI, bringing a number of new updates and enhancements to this FPS game, including a brand new map! Though still in very early stages of development, the Deadrop team has committed to making the latest dev versions of the game regularly available to their early supporters.

Set in a dystopian future, the world of Deadrop features giant arcologies that extract toxins from the air and turn it into Space Dust, a popular, highly addictive substance that also functions as a currency. In game, players gather as much loot as then can carry during a run and then try to make it to the extraction point before time runs out.

Deadrop is approaching their release plans in a bit of a different manner. Basically, they drop a new snapshot of the current development build to their players every three months. These Snapshot releases are a way for their supporters to get early previews of the game, and also provide feedback throughout the development process.

At the moment, the game is only accessible to those who own a Founder’s Pass or a Tower Key. Tower Keys are account bound items, and not currently for sale. Founder’s Passes can be picked up on Open Sea, but the current floor price is over $500! Founders Passes also function as PFPs, each one a unique, generative NFT.

buy and sell items at the new vendor shop
buy and sell items at the new vendor shop

What’s New in Snapshot VI?

Snapshot VI brings a number of changes to the game. For starters, Deadrop now allows teams of up to three. Right now, everyone joins the same game queue, so if you go in solo, don’t be surprised to run into other players working together.

Another big item on the feature list for players is a second map. Called Proving Grounds 2, the map is clearly a work in progress. But it does include new features in the form of doors and windows that can be opened and closed. One of the big hype points of Deadrop has been their focus on creating a ‘vertical extraction shooter’. And that’s apparent in their map designs as both maps feature many different levels to navigate and battle through.

The previous map, Sector 3, has also received a significant update, both in layout and in gameplay. New, NPC characters, known as Cleaners, will now spawn throughout the map and gather gear to help clean the tower. But they aren’t non-combatants! These NPCs provide an extra element of danger during the matches, and another potential source of loot!

Snapshot VI introduces a vendor to Deadrop, allowing players to buy and sell items using Space Dust as currency. In addition, players have the option of paying a fee in Dust to ‘tag’ their items, which will then be returned if found by the Cleaners.

This snapshot also includes many major user interface improvements. as well as new gadgets and gear. The team has hinted that tools for user generated content may be available soon as well!

DEadrop screenshot
get your team ready!

Final Thoughts

Deadrop has been receiving an increased amount of hype over the last few months. And there is certainly a lot to be hyped about! Deadrop is already delivering a solid game with a lot of little additional features to set them apart from standard FPS games.

Deadrop is being developed by a company called Midnight Society. To learn more about Deadrop and Midnight Society, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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