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Snapshot Soon for Shrapnel Token Airdrop

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Shrapnel prepares to make an initial airdrop of their SHRAP token to all Operator holders. Paired with the imminent release of their first creator tool, Shrapnel could have a content creation program up and running before the game is even released!

It’s time for a token airdrop! This one comes from Shrapnel, an upcoming FPS extraction game and consists of their native SHRAP token.

SHRAP Airdrop

To be eligible for this airdrop, users need to own one or more Operator NFTs, create an account on the Shrapnel website, and link the wallet holding their Operator(s) to their game account. A snapshot of eligible wallets will be taken sometime between the 1st and 3rd of May. Apparently, length of ownership and rarity of Operators held won’t make a difference for this airdrop. Only number of Operator NFTs held. Operators have a current floor of just under 0.14 ETH and have increased in price significantly over the past 24 hours!

In a refreshing change, SHRAP token will actually have a use case when released! SHRAP will be needed to secure a callsign (gamer name/tag) on the Shrapnel website. There will be no limit on the number of callsigns an account can create.

Shrapnel screenshot
Shrapnel screenshot

Insignia Creator Tool

There was another snapshot taken this morning (April 24th). This one looks for wallets holding Operators or Sigma Containment Units. Anyone flagged with this snapshot should receive early access to the first creator tool called Shrapnel Insignia. This is some sort of sticker creation tool. I don’t think we have any details on it really, but I guess we’ll receive access to it soon?

Player created content is an important part of the Shrapnel ecosystem. So it’s nice to see them hitting this aspect early, whatever form that may be.

What is Shrapnel?

Shrapnel is a mission-based, first person shooter where players join the warzone as operators for one of several teams entrusted with collecting and extracting valuable resources. But other operators are competing for the same resources, creating a high-stakes atmosphere that encourages risk-taking and rewards player skill.

Players equip their operators with the appropriate gear that suits their playstyle. Equipment (in the form of NFTs) is dropped when a player dies and can be looted by other players. In addition, players can gather the mysterious Compound Sigma. They must then fight their way to one of extraction spots and survive long enough to escape and claim their loot!

Shrapnel is built around player created content. This takes the form of tournaments, as well as player crafted NFTs. Players can even design their own unique vanity items to sell to other players! They will have land ownership and want to expand creation opportunities to player created maps and map items as well! They plan to have their own token, SHRAP. Players will be able to stake SHRAP to maps they like, sharing in the rewards from games on that map. Meanwhile, unpopular maps will find themselves pushed down to lower reward tiers.

Shrapnel also plans to build a community hub, DAO governance, and a reputation system!

Shrapnel held their initial Operator sale in June of 2022. Operators are available on the secondary markets.

To learn more about Shrapnel, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

example custom costumes
example custom costumes
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