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Gas Fees Force Dramatic Changes My Crypto Heroes

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The high gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain are damaging the blockchain gaming ecosystem and My Crypto Heroes is making dramatic changes to deal with that. The game company will now tie their in-game currency to the gas fees. As a result there’s no longer a 100 GUM flat fee to transfer items onto the Ethereum network.

Digital assets are generally kept inside the My Crypto Heroes (MCH) world. For a flat fee of 100 GUM users could export these items and mint them onto the Ethereum blockchain. However, because of the rising gas fees Double Jump Tokyo has been additional fees for every My Crypto Heroes transfer. Apparently these costs became too much.

This Friday at 9:30 AM UTC the developers will make some changes. From that moment forward 10 thousand GUM equals 1 ETH. So a gas fee of 0.02 ETH will now cost 200 GUM. Increased costs for minting items, will likely mean that less players will participate. However, that’s something we can only assume.

When the gas fee increases between showing the modal and approving, the transaction will not be executed and the GUM amount will be shown again. When the gas fee decreases the transaction will go through and you will pay the lower GUM amount. (You can confirm the amount in your GUM history)

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Not a solution

In my opinion this is not really a solution that benefits the players or the community. It’s a quick business decision in order to cut costs, and of course it makes sense. However, it would’ve been better if they would implement a second layer solution that allows for free transfers and cheaper minting. Obviously Matic Network comes into mind.

The singleplayer role playing game The Six Dragons is using Chainlink to make sure that generated weapons are always unique. That could also be a useful technology for a game like My Crypto Heroes. The biggest problem is that costs that are involved with minting and the gas prices in the current market. Raising the prices for gamers isn’t a real solution in my book, but a way to circumvent the problem of cashflow.

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