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Guild of Guardians Picks 3 Heroes for The Sandbox

guild of guardians x the sandbox 3 characters NFT airdrop

Guild of Guardians has announced that they have selected three heroes that will exist in both Guild of Guardians and the online virtual world The Sandbox. These heroes are the rare character Varik, the epic Miera and the legendary Lia. There’s a limited amount of these heroes and they will distribute them for free.

According to Guild of Guardians there will only by 100 legendary characters, 300 epic ones and 1,000 rare heroes. It’s important to note that Guild of Guardians didn’t cap the amount of legendary, epic and rare heroes yet for their game. Even drawing Varik, Miera, or Lia will not guarantee someone an NFT for The Sandbox. They will send these NFTs to random gamers who picked one of the heroes.

When you buy a hero for Guild of Guardians in the upcoming sale, please make sure that you also have an account on The Sandbox using the same wallet. Only using that same wallet, will you be eligible for the airdrop. Each of the eligible metaverse Guild of Guardians NFTs give a player one raffle ticket in the draw.

Players will have two NFTs. They can use one in The Sandbox and another NFT inside Guild of Guardians. Yes, this means there’s not a real case of interoperability here. It’s basically just an airdrop.

Guild of Guardians gameplay explained

Guild of Guardians will offer a singleplayer campaign in which you control a team of heroes. Most likely there will be four heroes in each squad, but players only control one at the time. The computer controls the others. Most likely players can switch their characters, but they didn’t elaborate on this topic much.

Even though the game features singleplayer, they promote it a lot as a cooperative game. In co-op raids players can work together, using their own characters, to beat a single boss. These will have the best loot. Guild raids require coordination to succeed and for example the power level or class of a character can influence the outcome. Each participants in a successful raid is rewarded, and therefore communication and strategy can be considered key.

Based on your team, some monsters are easier to beat than others. The composition of a team is important to counter passive buffs, debuffs and spells. While player buffs can also help team members to overcome challenges. There are also team buffs, for example by having a group of characters from the same class. For combat they got inspiration from games like Diablo, Hades and other popular dungeon crawlers. Dodging, light and heavy attacks, attack combos, and ultimate attacks need to make combat fun and intuitive.

What is Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a mobile action role playing game. It taps into a play-to-earn business model, where those who play actively can sell their rewards to other players. Gamers will have full ownership over their in-game items, summons and characters. Expect things like ranged attacks, melee and area-of-effect spells.

Aside from the solo dungeon crawling, Guild of Guardians will also offer players the opportunity to play together. Together with friends or guild members, players can battle legendary bosses for even greater rewards. Guild of Guardians will run on Immutable X, allowing NFTs to be earned and traded free of charge.

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