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Retro Game Collectibles with Atari Capsule Collection

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Atari and Animoca Brands have announced the Atari Capsule Collection, a series of digital collectibles looking back at the history of Atari. These NFTs will be issued, starting from Tuesday March 30th, through digital collectibles platform Quidd. The NFTs will be available on both the Ethereum and the Harmony blockchain.

The Atari Capsule Collection will probably get more releases in the future. In this first batch you’ll find the work of Dona Bailey, the first female programmer at Atari who’s co-creator of Centipede, and Al Alcorn, the creator of Pong. Both Bailey and Alcorn worked with Quidd and Animoca Brands to create these collectibles, which commemorate the two video games and their creators.

With this NFT sale, there will be a physical arcade cabinet. The Centipede Flagship NFT comes with a restored Centipede coin-up cabinet together with an interactive, unique Centipede cabinet NFT with the digital autograph of Dona Bailey. These NFT also allows the owner to use an augmented reality version of the cabinet. In addition there will be a twenty 3D digital collectible Centipede cartridge NFTs, and for example pixelated arcade cabinets. Al Acorn will also have an interactive 3D NFT of the original Pong cabinet, but this one doesn’t come with a physical version.

Starting from Tuesday March 30th at 11pm UTC there will be four platforms where you can buy these assets. Quidd allows collectors to buy packs, which come in a wide range of different price categories. In addition there will be sales through Blockparty, OpenSea and Harmony. Quidd is best known for its affordable digital collectibles, often starting at just a dollar.

Atari moving big in NFT and blockchain space

Don’t think this is the only project Atari is doing in the NFT space. They’ve been working hard to establish themselves as a blockchain-oriented gaming company. In recent weeks alone they’ve been involved in a variety of projects. Think for example about the partnership with esports platform Chain Games, or the Atari-branded shoes by RTFKT Studios.

They are also working with distribution platform Ultra, the virtual world The Sandbox, and have their own games and Atari token. In December last year they announced to revive the Kick Off! series as a blockchain game brand.

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