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Skyweaver Patch Adds Hero Abilities and More

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Skyweaver shakes up their meta with a major patch bringing hero abilities, new starter decks, and over 140 new cards to their game! With other major additions already in the books such as quests, Skyweaver is still looking forward after this patch, with more feature and ideas to bring to their fantasy TCG!

Skyweaver continues to grow and develop their fantasy TCG, with a huge patch that will definitely shake up the meta! Dubbed Heroic Incoming, this patch brings some major changes to this free to play, trading card game in the form of new starter decks, new cards, and Hero Abilities!

What’s new in Patch #118?

Probably the biggest change with this patch is the introduction of Hero Abilities. These abilities are designed to make each Hero a little more unique and provide additional tactical decisions for the players. This addition is also meant as a boost for single-prism Heroes, who tend not to fare as well as Heroes with two prisms. And so, for balancing purposes, only the five, single-prism Heroes will have abilities at first. But expect to see unique abilities for the other heroes added over the next few months.

new Hero Abilities in Skyweaver
new Hero Abilities

Skyweaver also introduces new starter decks, each including at least 25, brand new cards! These decks are designed to be competitive and offer distinct play experiences. All in all, there are over 140 new cards for players to use. Included in this selection of new cards are five titans, each associated with a specific prism. Titans are 10 mana creatures with 10 attack and 10 health, each with their own special, powerful ability!

There is a lot more to this patch. They have also updated elements of their user interface, improved the onboarding experience for new players, and fixed a number of bug. You can read the full changelog (including all the new cards) here.

But this isn’t all that Skyweaver has planned for this year. They are also working on improving quests, installing a tournament system, adding a draft mode, and introducing two in-game currencies, Spark and Weave.

Skyweaver is free to play. And with the new cards, starter decks, and a new meta for everyone to figure out, now is the perfect time to jump in and play!

What is Skyweaver?

Skyweaver is a fantasy-themed, collectible card game with play and earn opportunities. Playing Skyweaver is free and easy. The onboarding process for the game is very smooth. And the tutorials available make the game easy to approach, even if you are unfamiliar with the trading card game genre. Before entering PvP arenas you will need to gain experience by battling against bots. Along the way, you will earn basic cards and heroes to help build your first decks. Skyweaver also offers a ‘Discovery’ game mode, where each player begins with a pre-built deck.

In an interesting twist, Skyweaver doesn’t sell card packs. Players must earn cards by playing, or buy cards from other players. And though basic cards are bound to the player’s account, Skyweaver also features Silver and Gold card rewards which can be traded on the market. Players earn these cards by reaching the top of the leaderboards, or competing in Conquest mode. Tickets for Conquest mode cost $1.50, though they can also be won in-game. Conquest mode is a single-elimination mode, where players can earn Silver and Gold cards for winning 1, 2, or 3 matches in a row.

The game plays in your web browser or with the native apps available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Skyweaver is officially in an ‘open beta’ state, but it already has a fully functioning game ecosystem and market. To learn more about this game, read our full Skyweaver Review.

You can also learn more by visiting their website, following them on Twitter, and joining their Discord chat.

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