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We recently took a look at Edenbrawl, a new blockchain-enabled, MOBA game in development. The producing studio, Sparkadia, seeks to build a gaming ecosystem, all set within a connected universe. And as part of that, they are releasing their Origin collection — a set of eight Legendary Heroes. Players who collect a full set receive special, ongoing perks throughout the Sparkadia metaverse!

Sparkadia is a gaming ecosystem partnered with Immutable X and Rarible. They are currently holding a sale for their Origin Collection Character NFTs. Only 8,000 total NFTs are available, 1,000 for each hero.

Heroes cost $20 each. Currently available on the IMX system via any of these links:

You need all eight heroes to complete the Origin Collection. Sparkadia Collections are selections of specific NFTs. Players install them into their Dwelling, where they provide ticket modifier bonuses for that player. Incomplete collections can still be installed, but they will provide significantly less of a bonus.

the eight Origin Heroes

Origin Collection Bonuses

An Origin Collection consists of one of each Character NFT. These NFTs are Legendary Heroes and playable characters in the upcoming MOBA, Edenbrawl. But they also have uses beyond that.

For starters, Sparkadia wants their character and skin NFTs to be usable across their entire game ecosystem. So, if they hold true to that ideal, these characters will function in any future games from Sparkadia.

But for more immediate uses, owning an Origin collection provides early access to pre-sales and discounted items. Planned sales include a Passport sale for early access, and a Dwellings (land) sale.

Origin collectors also receive a special display trophy and VIP designation. In Sparkadia, VIPs have access to exclusive rewards pools. These pools contain special items and increased rewards!

Rewards in Sparkadia will function via pools, with players earning tickets as they play. Players use their tickets to enter the reward pools and receive prizes at the end of the month. This includes tokens and NFTs. The Origin Collection will provide a large bonus modifier for your tickets.

What is Edenbrawl?

Edenbrawl is the first game in the Sparkadia ecosystem. It is a MOBA-style game with a quick, action-packed play style. Featuring a third-person view and a WASD control system, reflexes play a crucial part in Edenbrawl.

And while the game does feature many typical MOBA mechanics such as abilities, spells, and items, there are no minions and no lane pushing. Instead, Edenbrawl features objective-based game modes such as Edenball, a game similar to rugby, except with swords!

All items in Edenbrawl are cosmetic only. None of them provide any sort of in-game advantage. And that’s good because Edenbrawl wants to claim a spot in the Esports arena. So expect to see leaderboards, ranked mode, tournaments, and the other sort of stuff that comes with competitive gaming.

Edenbrawl began as a pet project, but turned into a full-fledged game and received a $3 million seed round last November from a number of investors, including Animoca Brands!

Closed beta is scheduled for later this year.

Edenbrawl Gameplay
Edenbrawl gameplay
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