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Flying under the radar for the most part over the past year, MuTerra has begun releasing a series of articles outlining more details about their game and game economy. With an alpha release expected soon, now may be a good time to catch up on this creature battling game.

Built on the Hive blockchain, MuTerra has been mostly quiet over the past year. But with an imminent alpha release, they have begun releasing a steady flow of information about their game and the game eocnomy.

Note: The initial sale for Tamer Licenses and the beginning of the airdrop for the MUT token should both begin around the same time the alpha launches.

a MuTerran tamer
a MuTerran tamer

Tamer Licenses

MuTerra will be free to play, but in order to play and earn, you will need a Tamer License. Licenses exist as NFTs. When they are given to a Tamer, the License is bunt and that Tamer unlocks all the features of the game. Players with multiple Tamers will need multiple Tamer Licenses.

Tamers lose their active status when transferred, requiring the new owning player to apply a new License to reactivate them. Players can also apply a Tamer License to a common, default Tamer, to turn it into a common Tamer NFT.

Tamer Licenses will cost $20, with the first 10,000 sold at a 50% discount ($10). We don’t have a date yet for this sale.

MUT Token

MUT, or Mutee Utility Token, will be the game token and used for pretty much everything. MuTerra plans to airdrop an initial distribution of MUT tokens to holders of MuTerra assets over a period of five years.

In addition, MUT token holders will have an option for token staking, earning more MUT in the process. The team plans to hand out staking rewards over five years, with the amount of awards available decreasing each year. They will also create a MUT-HIVE liquidity pool and provide rewards for that as well.

Additional sources of MUT token are NFT burning, winning battles, and collecting game resources.

Use cases for MUT include leveling up Mutees, healing Mutees, crafting and minting NFTs, buying items from the market, travelling, training, and more! The MuTerra team is very interested in making sure they have a balanced token economy.

What is MuTerra?

MuTerra is a taming / creature battler game based on the Hive and WAX blockchains. Part TCG and part RPG, players live in a game world where mutated plants and animals have overtaken the lands. Humanity’s only chance at survival lies in capturing and taming these fierce creatures!

Like any good creature battler game, MuTerra features taming, training, and fighting with various mutated creatures, called Mutees. Players have a limited number of hunts a day, and only a certain number of ‘steps’ for each hunt. Steps can yield treasure, cage parts, Mutee encounters, and more! MuTerra will feature a free to play option, but mainly as a way for people to try the game. The rewards for free to play will be minimal or non-existent.

Mutees require cages to battle for you and level up. MuTerra includes other features such as tamers who level up and receive bonuses and new skills. The game plans to include PvE, PVP, tournaments, guilds, world events, and gear and boosts for your Mutees!

To learn more about MuTerra, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

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