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Prepare for Mobox 2.0

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Mobox celebrates their two year anniversary by dropping a lengthy discourse on their plans for version 2.0 of their web3 ecosystem. This includes branching to additional chains, expansion of the MoMoverse, improved Avatars, three new games (including an MMO), and more!

Mobox began as a gameified defi system for their MBOX token that also hosted a couple of simple, mobile style games. But over the past two years they have grown tremendously. They built a multiplayer world, merged their MoMo mining system into it, and steadily built on their world system since then. Now they come to us with even bigger plans for 2023!

Expansion to Arbitrum

Cross chain deployments are becoming more popular in web3 gaming. And Mobox is ready to join in with expansion beyond the Binance Chain. The first stop is Ethereum, or more specifically Arbitrum. Their goal is to provide cross-chain compatibility with their NFTs between the two chains. And to get things started, they will deploy a new NFT collection known as MODragons.

MODragons will debut on Arbitrum in the form of Genesis Dragon Eggs. This eggs will be given out to Mobox players and devoted users of the Arbitrum network. Details on this airdrop should be announced soon.

MoDragon NFT
MoDragon NFT


MoMOverse will see an expansion as well. They want to increase the number of tools and services available with the MoMoVerse. The cross-chain collaborations will bring additional continents, with each one representing a different, connected blockchain.

At the center will be a floating island where players can claim land, build a home, and make a place for themselves in the virtual world. MoMoverse will be the center of the ecosystem, with integration for all of the Mobox games. They also want to connect their tool set, allowing users to develop their own integrated apps and games.

Avatars will see a significant graphics upgrade as well. Mobox Avatar 2.0 brings a more detailed, 3D look to the player avatars. Owners of current Mobox avatars will receive a free airdrop of a 2.0 version. These should arrive around the same time that the game map is updated.

MOBOX avatar 2.0

New Games

In addition, Mobox plans to build on their existing suite of games with three new additions to their platform in 2023. These are King of Chaos, Dragon Battlefield, and Project M.

King of Chaos is an adventure RPG style game. It’s unclear whether this will be an active game or a click-style strategy. Dragon Battlefield looks to be a real-time strategy game with mechanized dinosaurs for units.

But their most ambitious project is an MMO dubbed ‘Project M’. However, that name is only temporary. Mobox plans on letting a DAO make the major decisions about the game, including the name (Gamey McGameFace, perhaps?)! In their words:

“PROJECT M will be the first ever DAO designed and developed MMORPG game on the blockchain. Every major step in the design and development process will be decided through the day including game mechanics, game name, game assets, game skins and more!”

We don’t have any information on how this process will work or who will part of the DAO. This could end up creating something amazing, or turn into a total disaster. Either way, it should be an interesting experience. And I look forward to see what approach Mobox takes with setting up and managing the DAO for Project M.

Project M from Mobox
Project M from Mobox

More about Mobox 2.0

There is a lot more information packed into their article. You can read it here to learn more about tokenomics adjustments, API updates, an new Mobox wallet, and physical merchandise.

But the biggest upcoming feature may be the Fusion Hub. The Fusion Hub will be a set of tools and APIs for developers to use in creating new games for the Mobox ecosystem. Building tools to help onboard developers onto your ecosystem is a hot feature at the moment. The space is still new, and there is still plenty of opportunity for innovation and success!

To learn more about Mobox and Momoverse, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

Mobox 2.0 roadmap
Mobox 2.0 roadmap
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