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Hunters On-Chain Final Genesis Hunter T1 Mint

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‘Tis the minting season it seems! As yet another part of Magic Eden’s March Minting Madness, Hunters On-Chain brings us the final chance to mint Chests for T1 Genesis Hunters. Capped at a total of 3,333 NFTs, these T1 Hunters come equipped with legendary artifacts that increase their game earnings!

Though they still are just running on a testnet, Hunters On-Chain has already developed quite a bit of buzz and a seemingly strong playerbase. At at the end of this month, interested players have a final chance to mint their own T1 Genesis Hunter — playable character NFTs that come with a very nice bonus item!

These Genesis Hunters are Tier 1. That means that they all come equipped with a level 4, Legendary artifact that provides 100% bonus BGEM earnings from every match! This is very handy for getting a quick start on finding shards and leveling up Hunters!

Any following Tiers of Genesis Hunters will have decreasing levels of this artifact. In total, there will only ever be 3,333 of the T1 Genesis Hunters, 5,555 of Tier 2, and 7,777 of Tier 3.

a few potential Genesis Hunters
a few potential Genesis Hunters

Genesis Hunter T1 Chest Mint

Following what seems to be a fairly standard pattern these days, this mint will occur in several phase.

The first phase is a special pre-sale for Genesis Hunter holders who filled out a form. If you address is not on this list, you are not allowed to join the pre-sale. The pre-sale consists of 400 chests, already allotted to specific wallets, with a waiting list in case anyone doesn’t make their purchases. The price of Genesis Hunter Chests during the pre-sale is 100 MATIC each. Unfortunately, this is a manual process. So buyers need to send their MATIC payments to boomland.wallet // 0x5b5cB86E3BD5E49536dE0e3B6E0EFc28F42a9DAB by March 29th, 0:00 CET. Check their Discord for full details.

Another snapshot of Genesis Hunter and Chest holders will be taken on March 28th. This allows access to phase 1 of the main sale. Phase 1 includes 500 Chests, priced at 115 MATIC apiece. Stage 2 is the whitelist sale for those who earned spots through various giveaways, events, and collaborations. And there are still chances to get on the phase 2 whitelist! Keep an eye on the Hunters Twitter and Discord channel for opportunities.

The main sale will be hosted by Magic Eden on March 31st, starting at 3pm UTC. Stage 2 opens at 3:35pm UTC, with a public mint for any unsold Chests a half-hour after that. Stage 2 and public mints cost 130 MATIC.

The current floor price for Hunters sits right at 100 MATIC.

Hunters Gameplay

Hunters is a multiplayer, PvE contest. Each match features four players fighting monsters and leveling up. In the basic, Hunt game mode, matches last for two minutes, with the top spot going to whoever has earned the most experience in that time, or whoever is the last survivor — whichever comes first. Each player starts the match at level 1 with full hit points. As they kill monsters and grab the stars that drop, players gain experience. Gain enough experience, and you level up, earning the right to choose between two, semi-random promotions. These promotions include standard power-ups such as increased damage, greater attack range, and more hit points, as well as special abilities like Damage Reflect and Demon Pact (sacrifice HP for more damage).

As the match goes on, the monsters spawned get tougher. So just trying to hide and survive the match isn’t really a viable tactic. Players need to actively get out on the battlefield and increase their levels. Monsters spawn in the corners of the map, though they will chase players all around. At the center lies a healing square that can be visited at any time.

The other game mode currently available is Boss Hunt. The basics for this mode are the same, though players earn double experience. That’s because the ultimate goal of the match is to do as much damage as possible to the Boss Dragon who lives on the top side of the map. Players can go over and fight the Dragon at any point, but it’s better to level up a bit first. Boss Hunts last for three and a half minutes, with ranking based on the amount of damage dealt to the Boss.

Players earn BGEM tokens from playing matches, which can be used to purchase chests containing random artifacts and hunter shards. BGEM is also used for leveling up Hunters.

To learn more about Boomland and Hunters on-Chain, you can visit the Boomland website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

a Hunters On-Chain game in action
a Hunters On-Chain game in action
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