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Play and Earn With Mocaverse and Arc8

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Mocaverse brings a special play and earn event to Arc8 for those holding Moca or Realm Ticket NFTs. Prizes include G-Bot NFTs, MATIC tokens, and the mysterious Realm Ticket Miles (RTM)!

Animoca Brands keeps the action coming with a special tournament for those holding their Mocaverse NFTs. And though the main reward pool goes to Moca owners, holding one or more Realm Ticket NFTs will provide access to a parallel tournament.

Mocaverse and Arc8 Tournament

This event runs for seven days. From April 20th, 1pm UTC until April 27th, 1pm UTC. Players will need to register with both Mocaverse and Arc8. You can read the instructions here.

In addition to the potential for prizes, players earn experience points for their Moca NFT, which will transfer to additional perks later on. Players will need to complete a few practice rounds before they qualify for the tournaments. But with a dozen different games to choose from on the Arc8 mobile app, everyone should be able to find something that they are interested in.

In addition to the leaderboard points players can also earn GMEE, the ecosystem token for Arc8. All Moca participants receive experience point bonuses for their Mocas. And there are several ways to earn MATIC as well. The top twenty-five players with the highest scores win G-Bots — NFTs for the Arc8 ecosystem that provide access to exclusive combat games. G-Bots can also be upgraded and bred to create new G-Bots!

Mocaverse Arc 8 tournament prize info
Mocaverse Arc 8 tournament prize info

This event isn’t only for Moca owners though. Holders of Realm Ticket NFTs, the initial raffle ticket used to gain access to the Moca mint, can earn RTM, or Realm Ticket Miles. Realm Ticket Holders will use a different leaderboard, with only RTM points as the payout.

What exactly these RTM points will be used for is still unknown. But seeing as how Tickets currently have a floor price of under $6 USD, while Moca NFTs have a floor of 0.72 ETH, picking up a few tickets may be a more accessible way to get involved in the Mocaverse ecosystem.

Once the tournament begins, participants can see the current leaderboard standings at

What is Arc8?

Arc8 is a web3-enabled, mobile app with several games under its roof. Players earn GMEE by playing and winning matches. Arc8 has over a dozen skill-based games available. All of the games are in a duel PvP format. Players are paired up and then compete asynchronously to try and get the highest score in the same game.

To learn more about Arc8, you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

What is the Mocaverse?

The Mocaverse is a web3 ecosystem made up of all the developers and companies that are under Animoca Brands or in which Animoca Brands has invested. Which is quite a large portfolio! The Mocaverse is centered around Moca NFTs, a limited, PFP style collection that will offer lifetime rewards to their holders.

Animoca Brands has quickly grown into one of the largest players in the web3 gaming scene. They have a number of direct subsidiaries, such as The Sandbox, Darewise, and Blowfish Studios. The portfolio features many well known games including Benji Bananas, Life Beyond, REVV Racing, and Phantom Galaxies.They have also invested in Open Sea, Yuga Labs, Axie Infinity, and many, many more projects!

To learn more about Mocas and the Mocaverse, follow them on Twitter, join their Discord server, and visit their website.

To learn more about Animoca Brands, visit their website and follow them on Twitter.

the Mocaverse
the Mocaverse
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