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Earn Realm Points with Moca ID In Pixels

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In another cross-game promotion, Animoca Brands is teaming up with Pixels to let anyone with a Moca ID earn Realm Points by completing a few introductory quests in this multiplayer farming game. On top of that, those with a Moca NFT can also now use it as their unique, in-game avatar!

Animoca Brands is everywhere these days. And wherever Animoca goes, so goes the Mocaverse! And though the Mocaverse began with the Moca NFTs, it has since expanded to include Moca IDs.

Moca IDS are a new feature from Animoca. These are unique usernames, that will eventually be tied to all of the projects with the Animoca Brands portfolio allowing for ease of connectivity between the projects and allowing them to distribute Mocaverse rewards for participation. Creating a Moca ID is free and can be done with email, crypto wallet, or Google login.

For this particular experience, players will also need a Ronin wallet in addition to a Moca ID. Once linked to the game, players with Moca IDs can earn Moca Realm Points by completing a series of introductory quests.

We still don’t know exactly how valuable these Realm Points will be. Only that players can “redeem benefits using Realm Points, such as digital assets, tokens, digital and physical goods, and more“. Realm Points are not infinite however. There is a limited amount available each ‘season’ and for each experience. So if you wait too long, they may all be gone!

Aside from Realm Points, Moca ID holders also receive access to the back room of the Moca clubhouse where you can find a multiplayer mini-game, a crafting station, and room for what looks like future additions and expansions!

And this is just the first play and earn event for Mocaverse and Moca IDs. If you want to get in on the action, you can get your Moca ID now for free!

What is the Mocaverse?

The Mocaverse is a web3 ecosystem made up of all the developers and companies that are under Animoca Brands or in which Animoca Brands has invested. Which is quite a large portfolio — over 450 projects!

The Mocaverse centers around Moca NFTs, a limited edition, PFP style collection that offer lifetime rewards to their holders. Holding a Moca provides access to special events, whitelists, tournaments, and more! Animoca has been steadily adding utility and value to their Moca NFT collection, pushing the floor price up to over 2.5 ETH!

Animoca Brands has quickly grown into one of the largest players in the web3 gaming scene. They have a number of direct subsidiaries, such as The Sandbox, Darewise (Life Beyond), and Blowfish Studios (Phantom Galaxies). They have also invested in Open Sea, Yuga Labs, Axie Infinity, and many, many more projects!

To learn more about Mocas and the Mocaverse, follow them on Twitter, join their Discord server, and visit their website.

To learn more about Animoca Brands, visit their website and follow them on Twitter.

What is Pixels?

Pixels is a free to play, multiplayer, farming and crafting game. The basics are very similar to Stardew Valley and Sunflower Land. Players plant seeds, water them, harvest crops, plant more seeds, craft simple items, sell them, buy more expensive seeds, and so on, up the crafting chain.

Players have limited energy that gets used every time you plant, water or harvest. Energy replenishes naturally at the rate of 1% every 5 minutes. Players can also consume various items to give them more energy.

Pixels offers public farms, available to everyone, with 24 crop squares to grow on. Even though the space is public, every player has their private, instanced set of farming squares to use. However, public lands have a 20% tax rate. That means that anytime you harvest a crop, there is a 20% chance that it will go to the public land instead of the player. There are also player owned farms that offer lower tax rates.

In addition, there is a main, public town with various shops and quests. Pixels continues to grow, adding new crafting systems, new crops, and new quests on a regular basis. Pixels also lets players use PFPs from a number of different projects as their in-game avatars.

To learn more about Pixels, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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