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Planet IX Continues to Expand with Cargo Drop 3

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The options in Planet IX, a game about restoring life to a devastated world, continue to grow. With Cargo Drop 3, Planet IX opens another layer of expansion for player’s Mission Controls, and adds Rovers, automated vehicles that assist players in harvesting their tiles.

The latest drop from Planet IX, Cargo Drop 3, includes a number of NFTs and packs within it. Inside of each Cargo Drop 3 pack, players will find a Rover, an Avatar Pack, and a Large pack.

Rovers come in three varieties and assist players with collecting resources, and they can also find M3ta-M0ds, which allow players to upgrade facilities. Avatars are non-playable characters, but they will offer in-game utility as well as access to future airdrops and other bonuses.

Large packs contain a variety of game NFTs, including a guaranteed 1,111 PIX! Purchasers can also find Facilities, Landmarks, and even Metashares in their Cargo pods! There is certainly enough here to give a player a nice boost to their game empire!

In addition, Cargo Drop 3 comes with the new C-Tile contract. This contract opens up a third layer of stakeable hexes for players around their Mission Control. Each Cargo pack costs $199. There are a maximum of 100,000 Cargo Drop 3 mints available. Players can make purchases on the official Cargo Drop 3 page.

Cargo Pack 3 contents
Cargo Pack 3 contents

What is Planet IX?

Planet IX is a complex click-mining / staking game built on the Polygon network. Players stake Land NFTs, or PIX, to hexes around their central base to generate resources. The basic resource is Waste, which players can sell back to the game. To begin building players need contracts for each level, which are free at the moment.

Players stake PIX into the hexes around their Mission Control to generate resources. If a player has enough PIX that are adjacent to each other on the world map, they can combine them to create Territories, which provide extra bonuses. On top of that, players can construct facilities to produce Energy and make other improvements on their tiles.

Players can also own shares of the in-game corporations earning passive revenue from in-game transactions.

Planet IX is not free to play. Players need to own at least one PIX to play. Supposedly they will have some sort of free to play option in the future. But for now, you need Land NFTs to play. Players must own PIX, to then stake them into their accessible plots. These plots then generate Waste, which the player can sell for tokens to build up their plots and start producing other resources.

To learn more about Planet IX, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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