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Metawana Second NFT Drop Coming to Fractal on April 14th


After a successful and surprising first mint, the upcoming Solana powered farming simulator and auto-chess battler Metawana is launching its Baby Buds NFT Mint on April 14th. Let’s have a look at the project, the team behind it and learn more about the upcoming NFT drop.

What is Metawana?

If you like farming simulator, PVP battler and 420 is your favorite number… You will love the Metawana universe! The goal of the game is to cultivate exotic and rare Nug and evolve them into powerful Battle Buds to compete PvP battles to earn rewards. Each Nug and Battle Bud are NFTs with their own sets of attribute and abilities.

From Nug to Battle Bud

The team wants to offer a game that is suited for casual players as well as more strategic and competitive players. The good news is that the game will be free-to-play. Free players will be able to play a farming game loop. Owning NFTs will let you earn more Nugs, will let you progress faster in the game and complete more advanced quests (or contracts) for additional rewards.

Everyone gets a farm for free!

Every player will get his free farm to cultivate his Nugs. As you level up, you will be able to purchase additional land plots to expand your operations. Every farm has its own buildings: a nursery, a greenhous, a laboratory, a dispensary, barracks and a mysteriously destroyed guild tower…

Pick and grow your strain

As with most farming simulator, the goal is to take good care of your crops by watering them and protecting them from thieves and other potential hazards. After harvesting your crops, you will be able to sell them in your dispensary and get XP and Highland cash. By levelling up, you will unlock new features for your farm and stash boxes containing Nug NFTs.

But farming is only one part of the game… The second phase of Metawana is a PvP battle game. You will have to build a team of Battle buds and compete against other players for rewards.

The full rewards mechanism is yet to be revealed, but we can expect rewards in NFTs and in Highlands Cash which is an in-game only currency. The team plans to launch the MWANA token in April which will be the governance token for the upcoming DAO. You will also be able to buy certain game assets with MWANA tokens.

The Metawana roadmap

We don’t know the farming game exact launch date yet, but something tells me that the team might have a surprise for us on April 20th (4/20)… So stay tuned…

You can find more informations about the gameplay and tokenomics on their official whitepaper… or Rolling Paper as the team calls it.

Metawana’s PVP mode teaser and preview

Metawana NFT mint on Fractal

The Metawana team held its firs mint a couple of weeks ago on the Fractal NFT Launchpad. Whitelisted users from their community and Fractal NFTs holder where able to mint the first Nugs. The price was set to 0.42 SOL, but at the moment of the mint… the lucky whitelisted users discovered that the mint was free! A nice and unexpected surprise for the community members and a clever and great gesture from the team to rewards early adopters. The floor price for these first generation Nugs is already at around 1.65 SOL. You can check out the listed NFTs on the Fractal Marketplace.

The second mint will take place on April 14th, the same week as the game will launch (hint again at a launch on 4/20). For this second mint, you will be able to purchase Baby Buds NFT. Think at them as a younger version of the Battle Buds. As you can see in the image below, Baby Buds will have in-game benefits but will also give holders perks such as airdrops and probably priority access to future mints.

How to participate in the mint?

Like the first one, the second mint will take place on the Fractal launchpad. The mint will be done in 2 phases. The first one will be for whitelisted users and the second one will be the public mint. If you have a whitelist token, you will have the guarantee to be able to mint an NFT (1 NFT per token). So no gas war and no bot sniping there!

At the end of the whitelist sale, the remaining Baby Buds from the whitelist sale will be available in the public sale. Each NFT will cost 1.25 SOL for whitelisted users and 1.69 SOL during the public sale.

For a chance to get your whitelist token, join the Discord server and check out the Metawana Twitter feed… or…. take part in our Whitelist giveaway contest!

Win your Metawana whitelist spot

We got in touch with the Metawana team and they offered a total of 10 whitelist tokens for our community! To participate, join our contest on Gleam and complete as many actions as possible.

Metawana X Whitelist Tokens Giveaway

Direct giveaway link

About the team

The Metawana game is being developed for the Game DAO by MetaMountain in partnership with Double Coconut The entrepreneurs behind MetaMountain have over three decades of experience launching and managing innovative technology, finance, cannabis, crypto and international development projects — from startups to publicly listed global leaders.

Double Coconut has been developing hit games for over ten years with team members coming from iWin, EA, Telltale, and Jam City. They published the acclaimed indie games Roofbot and Parallyzed, worked on hit mobile titles such as Deal or No Deal and Heads Up!, and were part of the development team on the hit crypto game Splinterlands. They have a team of over 50 engineers, artists, designers and other staff.