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3LAU To Drop NFT Music Album

3lau ultraviolet NFT auction music

The American DJ 3LAU will release a special NFT music album to commemorate 1 billion online streams. He will auction 33 vinyl NFTs from the album Ultraviolet. The auction will start on February 25th and and will end two days later.

The auction for the 3LAU Ultraviolet Vinyl NFT will last 48 hours, after which the final phase of the auction begins. In the last 3 minutes, every new bid extends to auction’s time with another 3 minutes. At the end of the auction every winning bid will get a reward, but only the highest bid will get the Platinum Tier reward.

The Platinum Tier reward will give the winner the option to work on a song together with 3LAU. This song will be tokenized as an unique NFT. The 2nd to 7th highest bidders will provide creative direction on a new song, while all winning bids will receive a physical vinyl alongside their NFT. In addition winning bids will receive additional song NFTs, and the amount depends on their tier. Everybody who bids, but wins nothing, will receive a participation NFT.

3LAU into NFTs

This is not 3LAU’s first venture into non-fungible tokens. The dj has been an active participant in the blockchain space for months now. Earlier this year he dropped an artwork on Nifty Gateway, again combining digital and physical products into one purchase. During that crypto art drop he made more than 250 thousand dollars.

Last year he sold several artworks through Nifty Gateway as well. He’s not only selling, but also buying. 3LAU holds artworks on Nifty Gateway from for example Twisted Vacancy, Slime Sunday, Beeple – who will auction an artwork at Christie’s in February – and Jakub Spacek.

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