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Champions Ascension Goes Wallet Free

Champions Ascension no wallet banner

In a new update, Champions Ascension announced that moving forward, players will no longer be required to own a web3 wallet in order to play the game. After already making their pre-alpha free to play, and even removing the need for an invite code, Champions Ascension takes a major step forward in accessibility!

Lowering the barriers to entry for web3 is an ongoing effort for developers. Many web3 enabled games are finding ways to let players enjoy their game as they would any other game, while still allowing access to blockchain tokens and NFTs for those who want to be involved in that side of the project. And one the latest games to join this movement is Champions Ascension.

The Champions Ascension team recently announced that players can now join their game without connecting to a web3 wallet Now, anyone can download the game client and try out Champions Ascension without any extra hassle!

Free to Play Alpha

Those who own a Prime or Champion NFT can use those as their avatar in-game, including all of their specific traits and appearances! Those who don’t own an NFT get to use a default, generic, human avatar.

The pre-alpha currently includes arena combat as well as several mini-games. The mini-games range from mostly passive crab races to confusing and disorienting drunk racing to betting and bluffing dice games. Arena combat is currently limited to a specific selection of heroes, but the Champions team has steadily worked on adding new Champions to the mix as well as balancing, tweaking, and bug fixing.

Champions Ascension holds regular pre-alpha previews every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Players can join two sessions on Thursdays, starting at 9am and 3pm PST. On Friday and Saturday, Champions runs three sessions — 2am, 9am, and 3pm PST. These sessions all run for two hours.

You can download the Champions Ascension game client here.

What is Champions Ascension?

Champions Ascension is an upcoming, gladiatorial combat game built inside a virtual world. Though the 3D arena combat was the original selling point, and the centerpiece of the game, Champions Ascension is also building an open world around it. One where players can walk around and interact. The world includes crafting, breeding, land ownership, an in-game marketplace, a staking system, mini-games, and more!

Champions Ascension held an initial sale of Prime Eternals in early 2022. Prime Eternals are generative NFTs with varying attributes that function as in-game characters and as profile picture NFTs. With only 7,622 in existence, Prime Eternals grant many benefits that other characters won’t receive. This includes guaranteed land mints, special breeding options, early access, free mints, airdrops, and more!

Champions Ascension is currently running regular game previews, open to everyone. These events, known as Slice of Massina, offer various mini-games such as Drunk Racing, and Dudo, a betting/bluffing game, in addition to the main arena combat game. Win tickets as you play in the world and use them to purchase special items.

To learn more about Champions Ascension, visit their website, join their Discord server, and follow them on Twitter.

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