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Planet IX Launches New Mission Control and Tile Contract

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The latest update from Planet IX brings a new Tile Contract, allowing players to expand their Mission Control area by an additional twelve hexes! This opens up the room for additional expansion and, for now, the contract for accessing these tiles is free!

Planet IX has been one of the most popular web3 games over the past couple of months. This PIX-collecting, click-miner, building game continues to grow. Their latest addition brings us an updated Mission Control, as well as the ability to build up on an extra twelve hexes!

For a limited time, players can claim one of the new Artemis, B1-B12 Tile Contracts for free. Once the contract is staked and activated, players will see a new outer ring in Mission Control with 12 new tiles. New players can also claim the Apollo contract for free, which opens up the initial six hexes.

This new contract introduces an extra level of hexes for players to develop beyond the initial six. Players can choose how many of the new tiles they wish to activate, paying a regular maintenance cost for each one. The tiles costs 1 Astro Gold per month per tile. However, anyone with a Newlands Genesis NFT can build on these tiles for free! This second ring of tiles offers better production bonuses than the first ring.

With the new Mission Control, existing players will need to unstake and restake all of their assets.

What is Planet IX?

Planet IX is a complex click-mining / staking game built on the Polygon network. Players stake Land NFTs to hexes around their central base to generate resources. The basic resource is Waste, which players can sell back to the game. To begin building players need contracts for each level, which are free at the moment.

But Planet IX is not free to play. Supposedly they will have some sort of free to play option in the future. But for now, you need Land NFTs to play. To make things a little more confusing, the game refers to their land NFTs as ‘PIX’. Players must own PIX, to then stake them into their accessible plots. These plots then generate Waste, which the player can sell for tokens to build up their plots and start producing other resources.

Players can also connect adjacent PIX into Territories, which provide extra bonuses. Planet IX is a play to earn game, and honestly, earning some tokens to sell seems to be the only reason to play this game. On top of that, opening a pack does not provide you with the PIX NFTs right away. The pack opening interface claims that these are distributed on Monday, but when I asked in the Discord server I was told to expect to wait 1-12 weeks!

In addition, even just staking one of their free Tile Contracts forced me to sign a wallet permission giving the site full rights to transfer ALL of my NFTs! That was definitely an uncomfortable transaction to sign just to try out the game!

Planet IX is very much a play to earn game, with a rather annoying process for getting started. To learn more about Planet IX, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

a developed Planet IX position
a developed Planet IX position
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