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Colonize Mars Releases Details for Mission Three Pack Sale

Colonize Mars recently announced its next pack drop, Mission Three, which will introduce new NFTs and allow players to expand their collection. The sale begins on December 20th within the new in-game market, with the rest of the packs being sold on December 21st on AtomicHub. MARTIA, the game’s token, is required to purchase packs through the in-game market sale.

Colonize Mars is a Wax-based economic strategy game that uses NFTs to represent equipment and people on a Mars colony. The game is currently in development, although the first taste of gameplay officially launched last month. At present, players may stake their NFTs to generate MARTIA tokens. 

The upcoming Mission Three pack sale will be split between two days. The first sale will take place on December 20th and will be found through the upcoming in-game marketplace. Players are required to spend MARTIA to buy packs. For added pressure, the sale will only last for one hour. The official Medium announcement and the project’s official Twitter account do not mention an exact time, which is presumably intentional and will be announced prior to the sale.

The second day of the Mission Three pack sale will take place on AtomicHub on December 21st, the primary NFT marketplace for Wax, just like previous missions. Wax will be used for this phase of the sale.

Mission Three will introduce 11 new item types and 34 Ownership NFTs, each adding new depth to the game. An additional eight astronauts will also be introduced, each with their own skills and talents.

Additionally, there is an exclusive crafting event discussed in the Medium post that only applies to people who have Dark Matter cards for every card type from Mission One. Most people won’t be eligible for this, but if you are, go check out the post for more details. 

How Will the In-Game Sale Work?

The in-game sale will follow a “Dutch auction” format, according to the team. This means that the price will drop by 6% every 10 minutes until a price floor is reached. The price floor will be active for 10 minutes before the auction closes entirely. Players will have a 60-second cooldown on transactions. 

Check out the below chart to see the MARTIA prices for upcoming packs:

The price for the packs sold on AtomicHub will be announced after the in-game sale closes. Players with MARTIA clearly have an early advantage, signaling that Colonize Mars will likely continue to reward early adopters.

What is Colonize Mars?

Colonize Mars is a strategic colony simulation game currently in development on the Wax blockchain. Players use their NFTs to aid in colony development and eventually create land expansions and build player-owned hubs. Players stake cards and maintain them at regular intervals to receive Martia tokens as rewards in the first Phase. Later phases will include expansion, expeditions, and discovery.

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