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Gala Games 2023 Roadmap

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Gala Games released a lengthy and detailed outline and roadmap of their plans for 2023. Their plans include increasing focus on mobile games, the expansion of the Gala blockchain, and game tokenomics.

Already deeply immersed into gaming, Gala Games expanded their scope last year with the creation of Gala Music and Gala Films. Then, towards the end of the year, they announced their acquisition of a mobile gaming company, and their plans to on-board that company’s entire suite of games into web3!

They’ve also made a splash with their announcement about ditching the TOWN token to make GALA the primary currency in Town Star ecosystem. And though it seemed that Gala was lagging for the previous couple of years, they have really turned everything up a notch in 2022. We’ll see if they can deliver on the hype they’ve generated with more app deliveries this year.

As part of their move forward, Gala Games has promised more transparency, including roadmaps for all of their projects. But, to kick things off, they released a presentation laying out their primary goals and philosophies for 2023. You can read the full release here, but we’ll sum up the big points here.

Mobile Games

Gala Games recently went all-in on mobile by acquiring an existing game company, Ember Entertainment, with a dozen mobile games under its belt. Gala has already identified two games, Meow Match and Dragon Strike, as their first targets for web3 implementation. This is part of a company-wide effort, and indeed, a global web3 effort, to bring their products to those unfamiliar with blockchain.

They’ll start by adding a connection between GALA and the standard, non-transferrable in-game currency. Gala plans to create a general in-game currency used for their mobile games called GEMs. GEMs are non-transferrable and can be bought by players with fiat and CC. However, in the background, GEMs are created by burning GALA tokens. This creates an additional, permanent use-case for GALA tokens for the forseeable future.

They will also work to bring play to earn tournaments and NFTs into these games in meaningful ways.

Focus on GALA Tokenomics

In addition, GALA seems to be focused on tokenomics, particularly around the GALA token. GALA will be the gas token on the new Gala Games blockchain. They are also looking to incorporate GALA tokens into more their games. There is the GALA to GEMS conversion feature mentioned above. They have already announced plans to remove the TOWN token and replace token rewards in Town Star with GALA token. There will an an upcoming opportunity for TOWN holders to convert their tokens.

GALA will also be the game token used in Superior and is already a currency for the official Gala marketplace. Spider Tanks will NOT switch to using GALA, as they already have their game economy in place with the SILK token. However, do not be surprised to see GALA tokens making their way into other use-cases across the growing Gala Games ecosystem!

Gala Games Blockchain

For a while now, Gala has been building their own blockchain. Known as GYRI. Started as a solution to gas fees on the Ethereum network, GYRI has been hosting Spider Tanks games and data transfers since their launch. Supposedly serving over 23 million transaction in December of 2022 alone! With this first integration out of the way and seemingly working well, Gala is ready to onboard more games to their blockchain. First up on the list are Town Star, Champions Arena, and Meow Match.

They also plan platform launches for Gala Music and Gala Film, both of which will also be running on the Gala network. Founder’s Nodes will tie into this network and be an important part of the distributed, transaction processing. Speaking of which, all Gala Founder’s Nodes should switch to running V3 of the app.

And More!

The Gala Games 2023 strategy post also talked about the upcoming release of VoxVerse, as well as some apparent integrations between it and the Gala Music and Film projects!

Gala looks to have a busy 2023. You can learn more on their website, by following them on Twitter, and by joining their Discord chat.

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