The Harvest Launches Open Beta

The Harvest open beta banner

Players have been waiting for a long time for the open beta to start for The Harvest. And at long last, that day is here! Anyone and everyone can now download and try out this sci-fi, character customizing, MOBA game!

It was a long time ago that The Harvest went into closed beta. And though we expected an open beta to follow soon after, instead it has been a long six months. Now the wait is over and everyone can get down to working with their team to harvest the most resources while fighting off other teams trying to accomplish the same goal!

Players can download The Harvest on Steam. It’s only available for Windows PC. And though the game is listed as early access, just click the request access button to enable the download. The open beta is free to play. Players don’t need to own any NFTs or game tokens.

The game requirements are relatively minimal — Windows 7+, 30GB of disk space, and 6GB of RAM.

The Harvest gameplay
The Harvest gameplay

What is The Harvest?

The Harvest is a web3 enabled, MOBA shooter with a third person perspective. The game pits four teams of three players against each other. During matches, each team tries to control key points on the map to gather Essence.

Left by some unknown, ancient civilization, Essence is the most valuable, known resource. Warriors from civilizations across the galaxy come to the planet of O’Ree-Jin to fight over Essence extractors.

Players can also harvest Essence from fallen enemy players and NPC monsters that will appear around the map, or even steal the stored Essence from other teams! Matches are quick — only ten minutes long.

Players customize their characters via NFT cards. They start with a base Hero, and then choose eight cards to form their deck for the game. When a player levels-up during a match, they draw two cards, picking one as a power-up while the other is discarded. Cards both increase a player’s stats as well as adding an additional passive or active effect.

These cards provide special attacks and other abilities. Players will be able to upgrade cards to level 10 by combining multiple copies and paying a fee in EOL (Essence of Life), the game token. There will also be Premium cards, which is any card of level 11 or higher. These cards have a different border, are rarer, and all have a limited supply. Also, these higher level cards have randomized stat bonuses as they level up, making each one different.

card info
card info

The Harvest will also include skins, emotes, and other cosmetic items. It will feature seasonal, ranked rewards and three additional tokens besides Essence — Ore, Ancient Coins, and $HAR, or The Harvest Token.

The Harvest is on both Solana and Binance Chain. Players can purchase NFT packs for The Harvest at the Binance NFT store. These packs cannot be opened yet. Each box contains 40 ability cards with one guaranteed legendary, one guaranteed shiny, and four guaranteed epics.

To learn more about The Harvest, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

You can also watch our video review to learn more and see some in-game action from the closed beta. In addition, DeQuest has a section that introduces players to The Harvest.

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