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$10k MetaFab 2D Shooter Game Jam

MetaFab game jam banner

The MetaFab Game jam kicked off on January 6th and runs through the 23rd. With a theme of 2D shooter, and $10,000 worth of prizes, this competition should bring out some interesting entries!

MetaFab has been busy building a suite of tools for web3 game development. Now, they challenge developers to build a game with those tools! With a prize pool of $10,000 for the top three entries, any aspiring web3 developers might want to take a shot at this contest.

Two games have already been submitted. And since the contest runs through, players can download and try out all of the entries! Visit the official page for full details and to see the current submissions.

The focus for this Game Jam is 2D shooter with Unique Bullets as a theme. Not all shots in the game have to be special. But there must be some sort of unique attack involved in the game. The game also needs to include an economic structure. This can be tokens, NFTs, or both. Game entries must be submitted by January 23rd, 12pm PST.

After the deadline, the judges vote on the entries. Scores are based on fun, gameplay, asset quality, use of the MetaFab API, and innovation. First place takes home $7500, second place $2000, and third place $500.

Metafab includes tools and methods to use for account creation, token creation and distribution, NFT generation, and more! And if you don’t want to create your own token, Metafab comes with an existing token, WRLD, which developers can incorporate into the game. Thankfully, Metafab has extensive documentation for utilizing and incorporating their tools

Blast of Rivalry, one of the Game Jam entries
Blast of Rivalry, one of the Game Jam entries (does this count a shooter?)

What is MetaFab?

Built as a series of API contracts, MetaFab helps game developers onboard their game and players to web3 as seamlessly as possible. Accessed via a set of REST APIs, MetaFab currently offers a number of SDKs (Software Development Kits), including Android, C#, Java, Javascript, Python, Rust, and more! Their official documentation includes details about developing with their APIs.

Metafab has already been an extensive library. This includes player and account management, in-game currencies, game items, game shops, crafting, lootboxes, and transaction handling! And access and use of all these tools are completely free! The APIs offer gasless transactions for the player. As a result, this helps provide an immersive and seamless experience for the players.

However, that doesn’t mean all your game transactions are free. Instead, the game developer must set up a funding wallet that holds native tokens for their blockchain. Then, it’s up to the developers to decide how to implement these tools in-game and whether to pass on transaction fees to their players.

Metafab is one of a growing number of groups developing tools and infrastructure to assist and speed up web3 development. This sort of foundation is critical towards long term growth in the space. And it’s exciting to see these tools created!

To learn more about MetaFab, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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