The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 Game Jam

The Sandbox Game Jam

The Sandbox just launched a 50.000 SAND (=$255,500 at the time we are writing) Game Jam competition to find and reward the best game makers on their platform.  After establishing themselves as one of the biggest metaverse out there and raising over 93 million dollars The Sandbox wants to keep attracting creators with this new competition.

Prizes for the Contest

The Sandbox published the full prize explanation on their latest Medium Announcement. As a quick summary, the 50.000 SAND will be distributed between 10 lucky winners: 

  • 1st place: 20,000 $SAND
  • 2nd place: 15,000 $SAND
  • 3rd place: 8,000 $SAND
  • 4th to 10th place: 1,000 $SAND each

The deadline to complete and submit your entry is January 18th at 11:59pm UTC.

How to Participate in the Jam

All games have to be submitted to the Game Maker gallery and designed with their own software. Participants are only allowed to use Assets that they own, basic Assets, or Assets they have designed themselves in Vox Editor. Individuals and studios are welcome to participate.

If you want to join the competition, make sure you focus on quality. The Sandbox clearly states everyone spamming the gallery with low-quality games trying to get in the last spots of the rankings will be disqualified.
This competition is meant to find the best game makers out there and reward them accordingly.

You can find all the details and rules here.

What is The Sandbox Game Maker?

Game Maker (by The Sandbox) is a no-code development suite to create 3D games on the blockchain. Everyone can participate and ship fully-functional, multiplayer games to enjoy in the metaverse.

Taking inspiration from Roblox and Minecraft, Game Maker aims to bring game development to the masses and democratise the creation process.

Right now, only a very small percentage of people can code a game that works on the blockchain, allows to use your NFTs inside of it, and has a community to test and improve it. Thanks to Game Maker, you have an all-in-one toolkit to bring your dream game to life.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is one of the most promising blockchain-powered virtual worlds currently in development. 

The Sandbox consists of customizable lands with voxel-based entities. However, players are able to buy virtual land and implement any form of monetization. These virtual lands can become mini-games, adventures, virtual shops, extensions of actual webshops, a space for social gatherings, and so on.

They quickly became one of the fastest-growing Metaverses, and their social media channels amass millions of interactions per month. All assets and land sales are breaking records, and they keep rolling new features on a consistent basis.

Read our complete Sandbox review here.

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