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MetaFab, a Web3 Gaming API

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The team behind NFT Worlds recently unveiled a new suite of tools, in the form of a web3 gaming API, known as MetaFab. Designed to help gaming developers onboard and integrate their system with web3 technologies, MetaFab is free and open source.

MetaFab exists as a series of contracts accessed via API calls. These are meant to make it easier for game developers to incorporate web3 technology into their game.

This is not completely new tech. Originally created as part of the NFT Worlds ecosystem, the idea for these tools is not new. Built to assist players and developers by creating a seamless wallet experience, with a goal of enabling simple player onboarding. All of the player transactions occur in-game, and have the game act as a mediator between the player and any blockchain activities. So, potentially, players could not even know they are playing a web3 game!

And so, with NFT Worlds forced to reboot, they decided to take the time and expand their toolset, making it more agnostic and open. No charge for these tools. Everything is free and open source, aside from security related features. They want this to become a community, collaborative project, and they encourage other developers to jump in. Join their Discord server if you’re interested!

What is MetaFab?

output sample after creating new currency
output sample from MetaFab API call after creating new web3 currency

Built as a series of contracts MetaFab helps game developers onboard their game and players to web3 as seamlessly as possible. Accessed via a set of REST APIs, MetaFab currently offers a number of SDKs (Software Development Kits), including Android, C#, Java, Javascript, Python, Rust, and more! Their official documentation has some details about how to get started.

The current contracts for MetaFab already include easy methods for creating new game currencies and players, and sending currencies to players. The APIs offer gasless transactions for the player. As a result, this helps provide an immersive and seamless experience for the players.

But that doesn’t mean the transactions are free! Instead, the game developer must set up a funding wallet that holds native tokens for the blockchain the game is built on. Then, it’s up to the developers to decide how to implement these tools in-game that make sense for their game plans.

Additionally, MetaFab will include the ability to create NFT collections and launch custom smart contracts.

Currently, MetaFab has two new contracts in development. One is for in-game items as NFTs. This allows item updates, supply queries, item burning, and other such stuff that one might need. The second is a Merchant contract. This one allows the buying and selling of game items using native tokens or other cryptocurrencies in-game. Both contracts are currently in testing, and you can view the code on their Github repository.

To learn more visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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