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Time for the Unioverse Reyu Genesis Mint

Unioverse mint banner

The first Character mint for Unioverse, known as the Reyu Genesis mint, begins on January 15th. Available to those with whitelist spots or those who have collected enough Protens, buyers only have to pay a small fee to cover minting costs.

This first Character mint for Unioverse continues their tradition of community building. This is a mostly free mint of 20,000 Reyu Genesis Heroes. And though collectors are required to pay ~$10 per mint to cover minting fees, the NFTs are bought with a currency called Proten, that players can receive for free.

To play any Unioverse game, players will need to own a Character NFT. So these will be valuable items in the Unioverse ecosystem.

a Reyu model

Reyu Genesis Minting Info

To mint a Reyu Genesis NFT, players either need a whitelist spot, or need to have collected enough Protens. Players can claim Protens based on the number of Unioverse collectibles they hold. Unioverse has been giving out these collectibles for free to their community over the last few months. These collectibles include various art pieces made as a story for the game.

The Reyu Genesis mint runs in four phases, with the price decreasing with each phase. For phase one, each mint costs 2,000 Protens, and players can mint 1, or 20 at a time. Phase 2 drops the price to 1,000 Protens per mint, with purchases restricted to 1 or 5 NFTs per mint. Phase 3 drops the price down to 500 Protens, with 1 or 3 NFTs allowed each purchase. And finally, phase 4 brings the price all the way down to 300 Protens, though only one can be minted at a time.

Minting starts at January 15th, 3pm UTC and runs until 2am on January 16th, or until the mint sells out — whichever comes first. The Reyu NFTs will be airdropped into the purchasing wallets within 48 hours of minting.

Hero rarity will be revealed at mint, but owners won’t know what they look like until the global reveal on January 17th.

What is Unioverse

Unioverse is a franchise looking to expand across multiple media formats. It includes a sci-fi story that already has five chapters of backstory, and the team plans to build several games around it. In addition to creating their own games, Unioverse also wants to create an ecosystem where others can build make their own games as well.

The Unioverse team plans to build various game foundations and tools such as SDKs, and make those freely to game developers as well. If your game is good enough, they may even help fund its development! But one of the most interesting features of Unioverse is that they offer royalty free use of all their assets! This includes character art, game assets, and even music. Anyone can use these assets on their own creations and even monetize them without paying any royalties! In fact, some of their artwork is already available!

Unioverse refers to themselves as the ‘Roblox of AAA games’. And if they can live up that description, then this project will definitely make a mark in the web3 gaming space.

To learn more about Unioverse, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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