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Undead Blocks Launches Massive Update

Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks launches a massive update and adds a lot of new features to its Open Beta. New zombies, unlimited waves, a boss zombie, and new weapons are just some examples of the new content. This update just made Undead Blocks a way more replayable game and is an indicator that the full-game release is now closer than ever. On top of this, the giveaways do not stop and soon the multiplayer closed beta will begin.

Undead Blocks simply does not stop delivering to its community. It started by paying more than 100,000 USD in tournaments to its participants this summer, a few weeks ago began a period of 30 days of giveaways and now they launched a massive update!

Besides some new weapons that players tried in the Firearm Roulette tournament, this is the first time that Undead Blocks adds content to the Beta and it completely changed the game. Undead Blocks was already a AAA shooter, but playing with only a few weapons and only up to five waves of zombies was a bit boring after one or two hours. But now that changed! Now everyone is hyped and is competing to see who manages to survive the longest.

This update added to the game:

  • New Zombies
  • A new character, Eva
  • New weapons
  • New accessible areas on the map
  • Unlimited waves
  • Boss zombie
What about Multiplayer?

Multiplayer should also be really close. Actually, on Christmas Evening on December 24th, they will announce the release date for the multiplayer option on their Twitch channel.

If this update was massive and a complete game changer, imagine playing Undead Blocks with friends. Recently on their Twitter, they have been releasing a lot of footage.

multiplayer screenshot
multiplayer screenshot

What’s Undead Blocks?

Undead Blocks is a zombie survival shooter on Immutable X. Everyone can play their Beta since this is a free-to-play game. Players do not even need a wallet to enjoy killing some zombies at the end of the day. Just head to their official website, create a Wagyu account, and download the launcher. As simple as that.

When it comes to its gameplay and graphics, they are really good. I would say Undead Blocks is up to any 2023 shooter. With the new update, and in a few weeks, multiplayer, this will be a game to spend endless hours playing. It is identical to web2 titles that are successful like COD Zombies and Left4Dead. Now imagine Left4Dead but with the possibility of earning some money.

That’s right, as a web3 game, NFT holders will be able to earn at least 1 USD per day, but, they can be really lucky and get up to 100 USD as was mentioned in this video. For F2P players this will be like a normal game that they can play with their friends.

When it comes to the NFTs there are two collections and in each collection, three different tiers. If you are interested in investing but you do not know which NFT to buy, then I recommend you to watch this video.

If this is your first time reading about Undead Blocks then check the review we have done about the game below.

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