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The Red Village First Look

The Red Village

The Red Village has as partners Animoca Brands and it is being built by Blowfish Studios, so it is about time we do a first look at this dark-fantasy fighting game.

The Red Village is a dark-fantasy gaming ecosystem on the Polygon Blockchain. The game has different game modes and already includes a large community. The team has been updating the game and improving it over time. Soon there will be the Darklands, the game’s expansion everyone is waiting for. The game is in its early stages and so far there is not much content.

The Red Village Gameplay & Economy

The gameplay consists of PvP matches between two fierce champions. Players need to buy a champion on a secondary market. This means that The Red Village is not a F2P game. In the future, there will be renting so that some people can play it without any cost.

The success rate will depend on the champion’s characteristics, stance, and stamina level. So, players, to make sure they succeed in this game, must study champions and their traits, select an appropriate stance for their champion before each match, and manage a champion’s stamina level. Once the match starts players just act as spectators. After the match, each champion will lose some stamina and the winner will get some rewards.

Fortunately, the game does not have a dual token economy. So, there is no uncapped token being minted every time a player wins. When players are participating in tournaments they are the ones providing $WETH to the prize pool and the top two winners take the prize. There is a small percentage that goes to a treasury. With the funds from this treasury sometimes the team organizes free tournaments.

There is the exception where instead of $WETH players bet their NFT champions on the ‘To-The-Death Matches’.This is not for the faint of heart. Here, players who lose these matches lose their champions forever!

The Red Village Gameplay Guide

The Red Village Darklands

The Darklands will be an open-world RPG with the same dark-themed environment as The Red Village. It is inspired by titles like RuneScape, Diablos, and Elden Ring. In this game mode, unlike in The Red Village tournaments, players will have full control over their champions. This extension of the ecosystem is being built by Blowfish Studios.

Last Thoughts

When I first heard about ‘The Red Village’ I got hyped straight away. Especially when I saw that the project is linked with Animoca Brands and Blowfish Studios. For those who do not know, Blowfish Studios are the ones developing Phantom Galaxies!

But then, as I saw the gameplay, I got disappointed straight away. The Red Village right now is another insomnia killer like Pegaxy for example. But, instead of sending horses to a race, players send champions to a battle.

My hope lies in the Darklands where they are building a ‘AAA’ quality game. Only the success of this game mode can save The Red Village as a game, if we can call it that.