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Pegaxy VIS Withdrawal and Locking Updates

Pegaxy VIS Withdrawal and Locking Updates

Pegaxy, the horse racing simulator, has announced updates for its primary token VIS (Vigorus). As per the latest updates, Pegaxy will introduce a new system to handle remaining VIS and idle accounts and inject more VIS into the game. A new account-locking system will also be implemented to keep a check on idle accounts and lock their VIS.

The Pegaxy team introduces the VIS withdrawal and locking system because, recently, the game had attracted a large number of players, leading to the overproduction of the in-game token Pega and oversupplying of VIS tokens. By implementing this system, they aim to reduce the pressure on the market.

What is VIS locking?

Under this new system, users who have not raced since the launch of Pledge racing in September 2022 will face the Locking of all Claimable Silver VIS. Additionally, if a user doesn’t race for 30 days in future locks, their claimable Silver VIS will be locked. The above action will be applicable to all scholars and racers on Pegaxy. 

Pegaxy VIS Locking Update

The Locked VIS cannot be withdrawn or sold; however, they can be used for in-game operations such as race entry fees, renting stables, fusing horses, breeding, and expanding assets. Another way to move locked Silver VIS to Claimable Silver VIS is through racing rewards.

Players will receive a warning with a timer countdown about VIS locking if they don’t race continuously for 23 days. In addition, all players who have not raced in 30 days will receive the notice of Silver VIS locking pop-up on opening the app. Accounts can prevent the VIS locking renting Pega NFT. But, the rented horses must race within 30 days or else the VIS will be locked.

Pegaxy VIS Locking Countdown Update

New VIS withdrawal system:

In the new withdrawal system, players can withdraw the claimable silver VIS and convert it into Gold VIS. The Gold VIS can be traded on marketplaces. You can convert the silver VIS to Gold VIS by accessing the Token Management option and also view all your tokens. The Gold VIS is held in the user’s wallet, while the Silver VIS is deposited into the game.

What is VIS token?

VIS or Vigorus is an in-game utility token of the Pegaxy game. Players earn VIS by renting, trading, breeding and racing horses in the game. Players can use VIS tokens for the breeding and fusion of horses. The Polygon ERC-20 token has an unlimited supply and is won by players who come in the top 3 positions in Pegaxy races. The amount of VIS rewarded to players fluctuates with the economy.

What is the Pegaxy game?

Pegaxy is a horse racing blockchain game where players can earn NFT tokens, coins and much more. Each race is different every time, with elemental variables like wind, water, fire and speed that can boost or slow your horse. Players can upgrade, breed and train horses and compete against 11 other racers to acquire the top 3 positions. The game provides a rental marketplace for players to buy, lend or borrow horses. In addition, the in-game marketplace allows players to buy and sell their Pegas for tokens.

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